Section 9 (Bear Cannister Req)
N. Palisade
Route to Onion Valley CG
Bear Can Req
Final Section
Bear Can Req
Day 3 Rae Lakes Loop (Charlotte Creek to Charlotte Lake )
Day 4 Rae Lakes Loop (Charlotte Lake to Rae Lakes)
Day 6 Rae Lakes Loop (Rae Lakes to Woods Creek )
Day 7 Rae Lakes Loop (Paradise Valley to South Fork of Kings)
Day 8 Rae Lakes loop (South Fork of Kings to Roads End Trailhead)
Section 9 (Bear Cannister Req)
Road's End Access (Roads End Trailhead to Charlotte Creek)
Lake Basin Detour
Kearsarge Pass

Cut Off (alt)
Final Section
Early Cut Off (alt)
Final Section
Section 10
Section 2
Day 2 Rae Lakes Loop (Roads End Trailhead to Charlotte Creek)
Shepherds Pass
Impassable at High Tide
Impassable at High Tide
Day 1
Impassable at High Tide
Day 2
North Palisade
Pinochet Pass
Fern Canyon
Donohue Pass
Cathedral Pass
Seven Pines
Golden Gate of the Sierras (suspension bridge)
Climbing the Golden Staircase
Vermilion Valley Resort ferry landing
VVR Turn
Ansel Adams Wilderness
Devil's Postpile
Taboose Pass
Reds Meadow
Sapphire Lake
Selden Pass
Silver Pass
Silver Pass Creek
Pinchot Pass
Muir Pass
Muir Trail Ranch
Mount Whitney, 14452 Ft
Mount Muir, 13983 Ft
Mather Pass
Kearsarge Pass
Island Pass
Guitar Lake
Forester Pass

Rea Lakes
Forester Pass
Roaring River
Lake South America Shotcut
Onion Valley
Burbbs Creek Bailout Junction
Whitney Junction
Sixty Lake Basin Junction
Sixty Lakes Exit Junction
Bench Lake Junction
Window Peak Junction
State Lakes Junction
Cataract Creek Junction
Road's End
Grouse Lake Junction
North Palisade
Bishop, CA
Lone Pine, CA
Shephard Pass TH
Black Sands TH
Matthole TH
Camp 1
General Store