Lewis Lodge drive
Hike or 4WD road
Tr 003 (Return from Keystone Arch View Pt. Gain ~3,100 ft, ~9 mi, using Tr 003 for RT.)
Arch Canyon Tr 466
LL 2 (Slick rock nose descent)
LL 1
to Lewis Lodge
LL Tr, social (Stay uphill of the old fence line)
Trailer Camp (5/30/16 our camp, lots of camping in this area.)
to Little Notch Hammond Cyn
LL Ramp (Slick rock ramp to level of Lewis Lodge, which can be seen from this level.)
4WD car park (With monocular and map, we view Keystone Arch from here. Trail is good to AC8.)
AC8 (6/2/16 Easy hiking to x7423 if traveling near the SE edge of the ridge. )
AC7 Junc Tr 466 & 467
Car Park
8 Rd 0088
9 Rd 0088
7 Rd 0088
Junction Rd 0088 (Junction with Hwy 275)
2 Rd 0088
1 Rd 0088
3 Rd 0088
4 Rd 0088
6 Rd 0088
5 Rd 0088
Anasazi Ruin (Est. 10k from Car Park)
Twin Falls
Tr 1 (5/31/16 good trail but not the one on the topo map.)
LL4 (Ruins from the ramp out to this point .)
Camp (Space for 1-2 van space only, small trailers doubtful.)
Tr 8 Ruin
Tr 7
Tr 6
Tr 5
Tr 4
Tr 3
Tr 2