Thai Cookin' Approach (2.6 miles. 2,100' gain)
Hermit Peak Actual Climbing Approach (August 15, 2017 with Josh)
Hermit Peak Climbing Actual Descent (Thai Cookin' Descent, August 15, 2017 with Josh)
Slit Descent 2018-04-28 15:55:25
El porvenir Slit Approach 2018-04-28 07:43:53
Porvenir Lower Slabs Approach 2018-04-27 19:49:59
Bear Gully
Proposed approach from high camp
Proposed approach from campground
Hermit Peak - Porvenir Canyon Loop
Hermit's Cave
Old Mineshaft
Intriguing looking arete
Good looking dispersed campsite option
Car-accessible High Camp (Via old logging road. 4WD needed but it's not full-on 4WD, just rutted and wet in a few spots. )
Campsite in arroyo (Possible water)
Clean looking wall (worth looking at) (At least from the Google satellite imagery)
Thai Cookin' (
The Lower Slabs Routes (
Mother Mountain (
Andouille Arete (5.6) (