(8a - Big Easy lift to start of east peak canopy tour. Ends at B16 canopy tower)
(Inspection Trail 2 - serves as inspection trail to F16)
(9 - Tamarack Express to Adventure Peak/Tamarack Lodge)
(8c - end of canopy tour trail from bottom of Tower/course exit)
(8b - East Peak Lake Trail. Also serves as inspection trail for Canopy tour towers B16, B25, C11, D8, and D16. Is part of canopy tour course hike between C11 and D8)
(3 - Bear cave to discovery forest. Narrow 12' road to 6' trail)
(Inspection Trail 1 - serves as inspection trail to A25)
Comet Express
Dipper Express
Tamarack Express
Big Easy
Tamarack Lodge
East Peak Lodge