01 (Mile 18.2 Trailhead)
02 (North Toe of Ridge)
02a (4WD Trailhead)
03 (Trail Drops into Wash)
04 (Wash Forks)
05 (Entrance to BOF-SW)
06 (Wash Forks)
07 (Wash Forks)
08 (Wash Bends West)
09 (Wash Forks)
10 (Wash Forks)
11 (Pour-Over)
12 (Low Saddle)
13 (Ridgeline)
02 (Trailhead)
n02 (Northshore Summit Ridge)
n03 (Low Point on Saddle)
n04 (Bottom of Large Wash)
n05 (Fork in Canyon)
n06 (Callville Wash Road)
n07 (Leave Callville Wash Road)
n08 (Small Pour-Over)
n09 (Bypass Pour-Over)
n10 (Arch)
n11 (Overlook down into BOF)
n12 (Starting Down into Canyon)
n13 (High Pour-Over)
n14 (Overlook)
n15 (Wet Slot)
n16 (Pour-Over)
n17 (Confluence with Side Canyon)
n18 (SW Corner of BOF)
n19 (Use-trail Atop Dirt Cliff)
n20 (Sandstone Crags)
n21 (Crossing Low Saddle)
n22 (Down into Canyon)
n23 (Confluence with Side Canyon)
n24 (High Pour-Over)
n25 (Bypass Pour-Overs)
n26 (Conglomerate Pour-Over)
n27 (Top of Wash Bank)
n28 (Into Callville Wash)
n29 (Callville Wash Road)
n30 (Trail End at Mile Marker 18.2)