A class 3 scramble route up chair peak. Note we rappelled down the Beckey route, though the route could also be downclimbed without too much difficulty.
(Chair Peak)
Not Bryant (Peak 6050)
Alpental Parking Lot
*Caution loose rock* (The rock on the west side of the ridge surprised us. Large slabs can sheer off when pulled away from the slope. Double-check your hand-holds!)
Bottom of Beckey Route
Class 2 traverse to summit
Gully out of saddle (class 3)
Exposed traverse to the saddle (This traverse to reach the saddle is immediately below top of the beckey route. It's class 3 but with bad exposure.)
Top of Beckey Route (Beckey route can be rappelled (2 rappels, 30m each). It can also be climbed but it's a class 4 route with some tough spots.)
Follow cairns
Exit gully to the left half-way up.
Easy Gully
Squeeze past small tree
Cross over ridge
Ramp out of scree field (There's a ramp out of the basin right below a large cliff.)
Trail junction for source lake (Follow the trail towards source lake)
Thumbtack Rock
Enters Thumbtack Basin
Chair Peak Summit
Leave Trail
Enters Forest (The trail exits the scree field and proceeds into the forest. Keep an eye out for cairns.)