Kiah and Snake Track 25.1m
Mallacoota to Genoa 32.5m
SC01: Bundeena to Stanwell Park 21.8m
SC02: Stanwell Park to Wollongong RR Station 26.9m
SC02.1: Wollongong Train
SC03: Port Kembla North to Gerroa 31.8m
SC04: Gerroa to Huskisson 33.5m
SC05: Huskisson to Ulladulla 35.2m
SC06: Ulludulla to BB hitchhike 46.5m
SC06.1: hitch into Bateman's Bay
SC07: Bateman's Bay to Tuross 44.9m
SC08: Tuross to Mystery Bay 24m
SC09: Mystery Bay to Bermagui 13m
SC10: Bermagui to Tathra 29.6m
SC11: Tathra to Merimbula 20.3m
SC12: Merimbula to Boyd Tower 25.7m
SC13: Lighthouse to Lighthouse Walk 17.9m
SC14: Green Cape to Wonboyn 14.9m
SC15: Wondboyn to Mallacoota 38.8m
Wade; thigh deep low tide; easy but finding best place took time.
Wade: belly deep, no current, no dry bags
Wade: thigh deep low tide no problem. Beautiful
Wade: high tide belly deep, slight current with dry bags
SWIM: slack backwater.
Oops, missed a turn. Backtrack.
Trail jct. Gibson and Sublime
Camp area
Train (too much rain)
Jct w road to Red Point
High tide alternate by road
Hitched three miles of busy highway
Tourist info center
Tough scramble over headlands. Tide too high
End of trespass
Harry's hut (water)
top of giant dune
Wade: minor stream
SWIM: Huskisson River. Incoming high tide. Cool water and air.
Wade: minor, high tide
Wade: high tide
Wade: lunch
Wade: chest deep ford. Jim lost his shoe.
Wade: minor unexpected
Wade: unexpected minor. Unfenced plover pair.
SWIM: Unexpected easy!! Unfenced plover pair #2
Boat Hitch across main channel. Attempted swim, but current too strong.
Bundenna Ferry
Commorrong Island Ferry
Boat Hitch with 2 fishermen. Very strong current 1 hour past high tide.
Boat Hitch with Josh and his dad after breakfast at boat ramp
Boat Hitch from owners of the lodge. Private dock.
Boat Hitch, 3 kids and their grandparents
Boat Hitch with drunk & happy Cptn Steve
Boat Hitch with Serious Fisherman, high tide. Lunch.