Ten Day Backpacking Loop starting from the shuttle stop at the Mono Pass Trailhead and ending at Tuolumne Meadows. Day 1: Hiked to Parker Pass. Day 2: Hiked over Koip Pass, bagged Mount Koip, then camped at the Alger Lakes. Day 3: Hiked over Gem Pass, then left the trail heading WSW cross-country to a high campsite overlooking Waugh Lake. Day 4: Continued cross-country toward the John Muir Trail (PCT), set up camp, and day-hiked to the Marie Lakes. Day 5: Day-hiked on the PCT south to Thousand Island Lake. Day 6: hiked north on the PCT over Donoghue Pass and camped in Lyell Canyon. Day 7: Left the PCT/JMT and headed west to Evelyn Lake. Day 8: Visited Townsley Lake and hiked downhill to a spot near a waterfall on Rafferty Creek. Day 9: Hiked back out to the PCT and Tuolumne Meadows.