Bisti Parking Lot
Stone wings
Bisti Arch
Eagles Nest
Cracked Eggs
Stone 2
King of Wings
Ah-She-Sli-Pah Parking (Ah-She-Sli-Pah Parking)
Old Ah-She-Sli-Pah (Former Parking area. In 2011 the road here was closed by the BLM so you need to hike 0.6 miles on the closed right to get here .)
The Pedestal
Valley of Dreams Parking (No real trails.At 36.1320, -107.9788)
Valley of Dreams - Alien Throne (<img src="" height="200" width="auto" /><br><br>At 36.148817, -107.980578)
Valley of Dreams East Parking (Park in this general area. Note that you can hike to either Valley of Dreams/Alien CIty from here, or to KOW.)
Manta Ray
Park in this area (Park in this area)
Many good photos in this area. (<img src="" height="200" width="auto" /><br><br>Click here ( to see more photos. +36 10' 18.00", -107 58' 20.00")
Space Spoon (At 36.172572, -107.969981)
The Seal