1A Sinks Canyon-FS 300 GP (This is the major access road to trails in the Shoshone National Forest.)
Bison Basin GP (A wildlife run through the high desert south of US 287/Jefferson City. We saw a scadzillion antelope, two small herds of elk and perhaps a dozen wild horses.)
Fairfield Hill 2.5 (A fairly easy drive into high country. Some open country, some narrow trails through the trees.)
FS 352 2.0 (A fairly easy road through mostly open areas, with a couple stretches of narrow twisty road through the trees)
Louis Lake 2.5 (Some of this trail was open with a bit of scenery, but sizable stretches were narrow "roads" that still had the stumps in them, and it did not appear that any rocks had been bulldozed from the right-of-way.)
Louis Lake Alt
OR Trail to Atl City 2.0 (Oregon Trail to Atlantic City 2.0 The eastern portion of this trail is the 2.0 portion, and then it turns to GP for the rest of the way to Atlantic City via a well graded road. The first few miles follows the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail and the Pony Express Route. There are frequent cement markers showing trail locations. This section would be very interesting if a person researched the history to learn about the area.)