Big South Fork
Daniel N
Daniel S
Deep Crk 2 byps
Hard 1
Hard 2
Hard 3
Hard 4
Harlan to Jellico
Jellico to Jamestown
Pound to Harlan
Slade to Trussel
Trussel to Williamson
Williamson to Pound
Yamacrow (Rock Creek)
Townsend Cave
Town & Country Motel
Tanker (Jul 26, 2014 5:56 pm)
RRtrussel (Chesapeake and Ohio Railway)
Natural Arches
Quarry Legal (Chop Chestnut Rd)
Nada Tunnel (Hwy 77 and Tunnel Ridge Rd)
Mt Aire Motel (Harlan)
Mountaineer Hotel (Logan St and E 2nd Ave)
Lil Abner Motel
Highest point KY (Hwy 160 and Black Mountain Ridge Rd and Road)
GFM Williamsburg (Balltown)
GFM London (Exit 41)
GFM McKee (US 421 and Hwy 89)
GFM Jackson (Brewers Dr)
GFM Beatyville (Hwy 52 and Mc Guire Ave)
GFL Pikeville (Pikeville)
GF Williamson (28668 US 119)
GF Slade (Hwy 15)
GF Stearns (Hwy 92)
GF Oneida (17256 S Alberta St)
GF Maggard's (Sep 8, 2013 2:41 pm)
GF Jellico (US 25w and Tennessee Ave)
GF Jamestown (24-AUG-09 14:15)
GF Harlan (Armory St and Eula Gray St)
GF Cubbage (Jul 26, 2014 6:34 pm)
GF Baldrock (Baldrock)
GF Appalachia (Sep 8, 2013 3:52 pm)
Deep Crk bypas (US 25)
Deep Crk byps (Old Wilderness Rd)
Deep creek 3 (Sinking Creek)
Deep creek 2 (Wildcat Mountain Rd)
Deep creek (Horse Lick Creek)
Days Inn Jellico (US 25w and N Queener Ave and S Queener Ave)
Cumberland Inn
Civil war site (OLD WILDERNESS RD)
Cave (23-AUG-09 15:50)
Camping (24-AUG-09 09:44)
Campground Turkey Foot (War Fork)
Campground Slade (23-AUG-09 08:50)
Campground S-Tree (Lear Rd)
Apple Orchard