This 3.4-mile/5.5-kilometer walk provides plenty of shade for summer exercise, as well as a delightful wander through the Meadow Glen neighborhood. Start at East Boulder Community Park, at the intersection of 55th Street and Sioux Avenue. Walk east to the South Boulder Creek Trail and turn left onto the dirt trail that is for pedestrians only. Follow the trail along the water and through the cottonwood trees to the Bobolink Trailhead. Stay to the left and take the Baseline underpass, which leads to Gapter Road. Turn left (north) on Gapter Road (walk on the left side of the road, as there are no sidewalks here). Turn left at Dimmit Drive to continue on the South Boulder Creek Trail. Turn left at the intersection with the Centennial Trail, walking on the multi-use path that parallels the Flatirons Golf Course. Look for the first opportunity to turn left into the Meadow Glen neighborhood - there is a bridge that crosses the Empson Ditch into the neighborhood. Follow the path alongside Meadow Glen Park, cross Meadow Glen Drive, and continue walking south on the multi-use path. Stay to the left at the next intersection, walking on the paved path to Meadow Glen Drive. Turn right, then make an immediate left onto Stonewall Place. Turn left at 55th Street and walk on the sidewalk south to Sioux Drive. Enter East Boulder Community Park and take the path back to where you began.