HST Big Arroyo to Bearpaw 11.7 m
HST Sky Palour Meadow to Big Arroyo 7.53 m
climb Kaweah 4.97m
HST down Kern Canyon 14 m
HST Wallace Crk to Kern R 3.0 m
JMT: Crabtree to Forester Pass 4.59 m
cross Kern connector 3 m
over Midway 5.41 m
down Cloud Cyn 11.2 m
climb Lion Rock 3.4 m r/t
High Trail 1.93 m
HST Panther cut-ff to Bearpaw 4.6 m
HST Crescent Meadow to Panther cut-off 6.14 m
Crescent Meadow
Lion Lake Pass class 2
Kaweah Gap
Lion Rock 12360
Midway Mtn. 13665
Kaweah Mountain 13802