Camp Falling Rock, Simon Kenton Council, BSA Located in Licking County, Ohio Features added by Camp Director, SAB

(Rifle Range)
(Shooting Sports Pavillion)

(Storage Compound)
(Maintenance Compound / Ranger's Shop)

(Krebs Lodge)
(Krebs Shelter)
(Bauman Lodge)
(Handicraft Building)
(Dining Hall)


(Old Hickory Trail, UTV access (rough!))
(Scoutmaster Lodge)
(Kiwanis Lodge)
(Cardiac Hill, Camp Vehicle Access)
(Upper Lake / Sequioa Camp Vehicle Access)
(Sequioa / Franklin and Lower Lake Dam Access (Camp Vehicles))

(North Gate access to Swick-Holten Rd.)

(Franklin Lodge)
(Kiwanis Shelter)
(Assistant Ranger's House / Chestnut Lodge (non- rentable))
(Property Boundary)
(Property Boundary)
(Property Boundary)
(Property Boundary)
(Property Boundary)
(Property Boundary)
(Foxfire Trail (Sassafras Campsite to Foxfire Campsite))
(Pine Hollow Trail ( Blazed Blue))
(Rocky Ridge Trail / 5 mile loop)
(5 mile loop, Top Dog Trail, Cardiac Hill to behind Doug Bero's Barn)
(5 mile loop, Doug's Barn to Adirondak and Swick-Holten Road)

(POTENTIAL Rocky Top Trail (not blazed or cleared))
(LDS Shelter)
(Campmaster / Health Lodge)

(Legend Lodge)

(Doug Bero's Driveway (private))

(Doug Bero's Driveway (private))
(Power Line R.O.W. (emergency access, high weeds/grass))

(Power line and (underground) phone line to upper camp. )

(Shower House)

(Power Line R.O.W (possible emergency access))

(5 mile loop, Pioneer , Cardiac Hill)
(Rocky Ridge / Pine Hollow to Foxfire Campsite)
(5 mile loop, Foxfire Campsite to Lake Peewee Dam)
(5 mile loop, Lake Peewee Dam to Rocky Top entrance)

(5 mile loop, Maple Grove and Pioneer section)
(5 mile loop, Pine Grove B to Pine Hollow Trail)

(Unnamed Campsite in Rocky Top area (Primitive, no water or latrine))
(Eagle's Nest)
(O.A. Campsite)
(Old Hickory)
(Buzzard's Roost)
(Maple Grove A and B)
(Pioneer A and B)
(Pine Grove A)
(Pine Grove B)
(Pine Grove C)
(Staff Row)
(Pine Hollow A and B)
(Dogwood A and B)
(Baden Powell A and B)
(Broken Axe Council Fire Ring)
(Upper Ampitheater / Falls)
(O.A. Council Fire Ring)
(Rocky Top Campsite (from old maps, abandoned currently) (primitive site, no water or latrine))

(Adirondak Shelter)

(Abe's Acre)