Della Falls Boat Shuttle (Della Falls: Boat Shuttle to Della Falls)
Della 1: Dock to Base of Della Falls (Della Falls: Dock to the base of the Falls.)
Driving Directions to Great Central Lake
Della 2: Base to Love Lake (Della Falls: Base of Falls via Love Lake Junction to the Falls Viewpoints.)
Junction to Love Lake
Boat trip start
Bridge over Margaret Creek
Cable Car
Camp 2 at Della Falls (Rustic site. Less desirable; shady and dark. Bear cache and toilet.)
Cascading water at Margaret Creek
Floating cabin
Della Lake view
Della Falls View
Della Falls View1
Dock at trailhead
Base of Della Falls
Great Central Lake
Main Camp Della Falls (Basic campsite alongside the river. Toilet and bear cache. Views of Della Falls.)
Margaret Camp (Basic campsites with bear cache and toilet.)
Metal beam bridge (03-JUL-13 16:20:41)
Most spectacular Viewpoint of Della Falls (04-JUL-13 12:25:11)
Parking (You can park your car across from the campground on the forestry road. Inquire with locals to find out if this is still the best option.)
Precarious beam bridge
Scout Beach Rec Site (Ministry of Forests Recreation Site. Scout Beach:)
Start of boat shuttle
Trailhead Camp (Basic campsites with picnic benches. Kayak/canoe rack available.)
Viewpoint over Love Lake and Mount Septimus (Strathcona Provincial Park)
Wilderness Camp on the River bank (No facilities. Only enough room for 2-3 tents.)