Land Segment 4
Land Segment 2
First Land Segment
Great Comanche Trail

Land Segment 3
Land Segment 5
Booted from Lajitas Resort
Lajitas Put-In
Arroyo de Chupadero (Lizard Rock)
Rabbit Ears
La Noria
Mesquite/Acacia Belt
Camp Blue Skies (Rain/fog Arrive)
Strawhouse Trail junction
Noon Lunch
Arroyo Venado Rapids
Camp Joyceful
Westernmost Point of BiBe
Camp Metates
Tinaja Rana
Winterrowd Spring & Memorial
False Sentinel
Matadero Rapid
Lance's Canyon?
San Carlos Rapid
I fliipped here.
Entrance Rapid
Rock Slide Rapid
Camp Tired
Angell Camp (We May Never Pass This Way Again)
River Ranger Beach
Smugglers' Cave
Fern Canyon
Goodbye Tooth Rapid
First Met Angell Expeditions Here
"Circus Bear" Rapid
Santa Elena Takeout
Cottonwood Campground
Village of Santa Elena
Camp Leaky
Camp Kitten + Rapids Downstream
Smoky Creek Rapid (I-II)
Reed Rapid
Camp Cow(ard)
Entrance Rapids
Rock Pile Rapids
Tight Squeeze Rapids
Camp Deja Vu
Hot Springs Rapids
RGV Takeout
Camp Carousel (RGV Tent Site #100)
Village of Boquillas
Camp Contrabando
Camp Diddit
Wildlife Feeder/Guzzler
Entry Point through River Cane
Abandoned Buildings?
Camp Cain't
Easternmost Point in BiBe
Candelilla Camp?
Aplomado Falcon sighting
Southernmost Point in BiBe
Northernmost Point in BiBe
Ernst Basin Begins
High Point of Ridge Trail
Camp Deja Vu Too (Snowstorm Arrives)
Mile Marker 13 Cache (Rescued by Mule Ears & Scott)
Adams Cave?
Abandoned Camp (12/2016)
Heath Creek Drainage (2016 Bailout Route)
Mesa de Anguila Trailhead
Tinaja Verde