Day 1 (Florence Lake to Senger Creek)
Day 2 (Senger Creek along San Joaquin River)
Day 3 (San Joaquin to Evolution Lake)
Day 4 (Evolution Lake to Little Pete Meadow)
Day 5 (Little Pete Meadow to Palisade Lakes)
Day 6 (Palisade Lakes to South Fork of Kings River)
Day 7 (South Fork of Kings River to Mt Cedric Wright)
Day 8 (Mt Cedric Wright to Arrowhead Lake)
Day 9 (Arrowhead Lake to Bubbs Creek)
Day 10 (Bubba Creek to Tyndall Creek)
Day 11 (Tyndall Creek to Wallace Creek)
Day 12 (Wallace Creek to Guitar Lake)
Day 13 (Guitar Lake up Whitney and down to Crabtree Meadow)
Day 14 (Crabtree Meadow to Rock Creek)
Day 15 (Rock Creek to Horseshoe Meadow)