Carson to Packwood Plan
Line 1
Carson Guler RD to NF-65 to Falls
Panther Creek Falls to Falls Creek Trail Head
Carson to Panther Creek Falls
Line 2
RT to Lower Lewis Falls
Line 2
Tire Junction to Ice Caves
NF-23 to Fire lookout
Fire look out to Road
Little Niagara Falls
FR90 to FR32
Ice Caves heading north.
Forest Road 8810
Drive to Twin Falls
Twin Falls
Ice Caves
Panther Creek Falls
Falls Creek Falls
Big Creek Falls (Short Hike to the falls.)
NF 6053 Falls Creek
Lower Lewis Falls
Little Niagara Falls
Point 3
Point 4
Point 5
Langfield Falls
Burley Mountain Fire Lookout
Point 4
Point 5
Point 6
Point 7
Flat top Mounain
Road to Flattop Mountain
Using FR 8810