MT Taylor Alt NM
Cebbolla Wilderness ALT
Gila River
Doc Cambells
Doc Cambells
WC-075XX (Int. CDT)
WC-070RL (Left)
WC-065M (Mileage)
WC-060M (Mileage)
WC-055M (Mileage)
WC-050M (Mileage)
WC-045M (Mileage)
WC-040M (Mileage)
WC-035M (Mileage)
Pt-400ap1 (Rejoin CDT)
WC-030M (Mileage)
WC-025M (Mileage)
WC-020M (Mileage)
WC-015M (Mileage)
WC-010M (Mileage)
WC-005M (Mileage)
WC-000RR (R on Little Walnut Rd.)
Pt-999op2 (Toaster House)
Pt-999op1 (Good Pie Cafe)
PT-999OP (Pie-O-Neer Cafe)
PT-345M (Mileage)
PT-350M (Mileage)
PT-355M (Mileage)
PT-360M (Mileage)
PT-365M (Mileage)
PT-370M (Mileage)
PT-375M (Mileage)
PT-380M (Mileage)
PT-385M (Mileage)
PT-390M (Mileage)
PT-395M (Mileage)
PT-400AP (Pietown)
PT-226RX (Ahead)
PT-230M (Mileage)
PT-235WT (Private Tank near rd.)
PT-240M (Mileage)
PT-245M (Mileage)
PT-250M (Mileage)
PT-255M (Mileage)
PT-260M (Mileage)
PT-265M (Mileage)
PT-270M (Mileage)
PT-275M (Mileage)
PT-280M (Mileage)
PT-285M (Mileage)
PT-290M (Mileage)
PT-295M (Mileage)
PT-300M (Mileage)
PT-304RX (Ahead)
PT-305M (Mileage)
PT-310M (Mileage)
PT-315M (Mileage)
PT-320M (Mileage)
PT-325M (Mileage)
PT-330M (Mileage)
PT-335RL (Left)
PT-340M (Mileage)
PT-120M (Mileage)
PT-125M (Mileage)
PT-130M (Mileage)
PT-135M (Mileage)
PT-138WT (Mangus Lookout (possible water))
PT-140M (Mileage)
PT-144RX (Ahead)
PT-150M (Mileage)
PT-155M (Mileage)
PT-160M (Mileage)
PT-163WT (Water)
PT-165M (Mileage)
PT-170M (Mileage)
PT-175M (Mileage)
PT-175WT (Water)
PT-180M (Mileage)
PT-185M (Mileage)
PT-188RR (Right)
PT-190M (Mileage)
PT-194RX (Across)
PT-195WT (Water)
PT-201RL (Left)
PT-205M (Mileage)
PT-210M (Mileage)
PT-215M (Mileage)
PT-221RX (Ahead)
MT-147M (Rejoin CDT)
PT-000TH (NM 12 TH)
PT-005RX (Follow Road)
PT-010M (Mileage)
PT-015RR (Right)
PT-020M (Mileage)
PT-025M (Mileage)
PT-030M (Mileage)
PT-032RL (Left)
PT-036GT (Gate)
PT-040M (Mileage)
PT-045M (Mileage)
PT-050M (Mileage)
PT-055M (Mileage)
PT-060M (Mileage)
PT-065M (Mileage)
PT-070RR (Right)
PT-075M (Mileage)
PT-078RR (Right)
PT-084RL (Left)
PT-091RX (Ahead)
PT-095M (Mileage)
PT-101RR (Right)
PT-105M (Mileage)
PT-110M (Mileage)
PT-115M (Mileage)
MT-020M (Mileage)
MT-025M (Mileage)
MT-030M (Mileage)
MT-035M (Mileage)
MT-045M (Mileage)
MT-047HP (Mt Taylor Summit)
MT-050M (Mileage)
MT-055M (Mileage)
MT-060M (Mileage)
MT-065M (Mileage)
MT-070M (Mileage)
MT-075M (Mileage)
MT-080M (Mileage)
MT-085M (Mileage)
MT-090M (Mileage)
MT-095M (Mileage)
MT-100M (Mileage)
MT-105M (Mileage)
MT-110M (Mileage)
MT-115M (Mileage)
MT-120M (Mileage)
MT-125M (Mileage)
MT-130M (Mileage)
MT-135M (Mileage)
MT-140M (Mileage)
MT-145M (Mileage)
GR-160M (Mileage)
GR-165M (Mileage)
GR-170M (Mileage)
GR-175M (Mileage)
GR-179WT (Yeso Tank (nasty))
GR-186RR (Right on 137)
GR-190M (Mileage)
GR-195M (Mileage)
GR-201XL (Left)
GR-206RX (Follow Rd 677C)
GR-210M (Mileage)
GR-214RR (Right on 677)
GR-220M (Mileage)
GR-225RL (Left on Jeep Trail)
MT-015M (Mileage)
MT-010M (Mileage)
MT-000M (Mt Taylor Summit Route)
GR-254XR (Rejoin CDT)
GR-252WT (Harris Bear Spring (good water))
GR-242RL (Left on 636A)
GR-241RX (Follow 636 R)
GR-235M (Mileage)
GR-230M (Mileage)
GR-106RR (Right on Road)
GR-108OP (Entrance to GR)
GR-155RX (Follow FS 139)
GR-150M (Mileage)
GR-145M (Mileage)
GR-140M (Mileage)
GR-135M (Mileage)
GR-130M (Mileage)
GR-124M (Mileage)
GR-120M (Mileage)
GR-112RL (Follow Rd Left)
GR-020M (Mileage)
GR-025M (Mileage)
GR-030M (Mileage)
GR-035M (Mileage)
GR-040M (Mileage)
GR-045M (Mileage)
GR-050M (Mileage)
GR-055M (Mileage)
GR-060M (Mileage)
GR-065M (Mileage)
GR-073RR (Right)
GR-075XX (Mileage)
GR-078RR (Right on Jeep trail)
GH-126WT (Trick Tank)
GH-133XL (Stay on 29)
GH-171XX (Ahead on tr 29)
GH-183WT (Cross Clear Creek)
GH-183XR (Right on tr 30.)
GH-205XX (Ahead on tr 3. River 2 miles e on 706)
GR-089RL (Follow Living Museum Trail)
GR-088RR (Right at US84)
GR-085RL (Left)
GR-080RR (Right)
GR-015M (Mileage)
GR-010M (Mileage)
GR-005M (Mileage)
GR-000RR (Right for Ghost Ranch)
GH-295RR (Rejoin Gila River route)
GH-255RL (Left on road C021)
GH-254RL (Left on road 4308B)
GH-250XL (Left on trail)
GH-219WT (Cross Gila River)
GH-218XL (Left on tr 705)
GH-216XR (Follow river tr NE)
GH-125XR (Right on tr 29)
GH-091XX (Aheasd on tr 156. River 1 mi E on tr 28)
GH-080WT (Cross Big Bear Creek)
GH-069XR (Right on tr 28)
GH-063XR (Go right on 164 / 28)
GH-029XL (Left on tr 164)
GH-009XR (Hard right turn)
GH-007XR (Right on trail 729)
GH-000AP (Leave Gila River Route)
G-1055RX (Join official CDT)
G-1050M (Mileage)
G-1045M (Mileage)
G-0980M (Mileage)
G-0985M (Mileage)
G-0990M (Mileage)
G-0995M (Mileage)
G-1000M (Mileage)
G-1005M (Mileage)
G-1010M (Mileage)
G-1015M (Mileage)
G-1020M (Mileage)
G-1025M (Mileage)
G-1030M (Mileage)
G-1035M (Mileage)
G-1040M (Mileage)
G-0850RX (Ahead)
G-0860M (Mileage)
G-0865RX (Ahead on Bursum Rd FS 28)
G-0870M (Mileage)
G-0875M (Mileage)
G-0880M (Mileage)
G-0885M (Mileage)
G-0890M (Mileage)
G-0895M (Mileage)
G-0900RX (Stay on Bursum Rd)
G-0905M (Mileage)
G-0910M (Mileage)
G-0915M (Mileage)
G-0786RX (Ahead on C021)
G-0970M (Mileage)
G-0965M (Mileage)
G-0960M (Mileage)
G-0957RX (Ahead on FS 94)
G-0950M (Mileage)
G-0945M (Mileage)
G-0940RL (Left Bursum Rd)
G-0935M (Mileage)
G-0930M (Mileage)
G-0925M (Mileage)
G-0920M (Mileage)
G-0840M (Mileage)
G-0835M (Mileage)
G-0830M (Mileage)
G-0821RR (Right on Jeep trail)
G-0819WT (Pond with good water)
G-0816WT (Intermittent)
G-0815XX (Continue up valley)
G-0810M (Mileage)
G-0801XX (Follow streambed NE)
G-0798RR (Right)
G-0795M (Mileage)
G-0792RR (Right on 142D)
G-0780RL (Left on 1421)
G-0775WT (Snow Lake)
G-0770WB (Wilderness Boundary)
G-0765M (Mileage)
G-0760M (Mileage)
G-0755M (Mileage)
G-0750M (Mileage)
G-0745M (Mileage)
G-0740M (Mileage)
G-0735M (Mileage)
G-0730M (Mileage)
G-0725M (Mileage)
G-0720M (Mileage)
G-0660M (Mileage)
G-0665M (Mileage)
G-0670M (Mileage)
G-0675M (Mileage)
G-0680M (Mileage)
G-0685M (Mileage)
G-0690M (Mileage)
G-0695M (Mileage)
G-0700M (Mileage)
G-0705M (Mileage)
G-0710M (Mileage)
G-0715M (Mileage)
G-0595M (Mileage)
G-0600M (Mileage)
G-0605M (Mileage)
G-0610M (Mileage)
G-0615M (Mileage)
G-0620M (Mileage)
G-0625M (Mileage)
G-0630M (Mileage)
G-0635M (Mileage)
G-0640M (Mileage)
G-0645M (Mileage)
G-0650M (Mileage)
G-0655M (Mileage)
G-0465M (Mileage)
G-0470M (Mileage)
G-0475M (Mileage)
G-0480M (Mileage)
G-0485M (Mileage)
G-0490M (Mileage)
G-0495M (Mileage)
G-0500M (Mileage)
G-0505M (Mileage)
G-0507WT (Jordan Hot Springs)
G-0515M (Mileage)
G-0520M (Mileage)
G-0525M (Mileage)
G-0530M (Mileage)
G-0535M (Mileage)
G-0540M (Mileage)
G-0545M (Mileage)
G-0550M (Mileage)
G-0555M (Mileage)
G-0560M (Mileage)
G-0565M (Mileage)
G-0570M (Mileage)
G-0575M (Mileage)
G-0580M (Mileage)
G-0585M (Mileage)
G-0590M (Mileage)
G-0460M (Mileage)
G-0455M (Mileage)
G-0450M (Mileage)
G-0445M (Mileage)
G-0440M (Mileage)
G-0435M (Mileage)
G-0430M (Mileage)
G-0420RL (Left to trail 157)
G-0418OP (Gila C.D. Visitor Center)
G-0416RR (R on 970)
G-0410M (Mileage)
G-0405M (Mileage)
G-0345M (Mileage)
G-0350M (Mileage)
G-0353WT (Hot Spring nearby)
G-0400M (Mileage)
G-0395M (Mileage)
G-0390M (Mileage)
G-0385M (Mileage)
G-0380M (Mileage)
G-0375M (Mileage)
G-0372XL (Left on Hwy 15)
G-0360M (Mileage)
G-0365M (Mileage)
G-0230M (Mileage)
G-0235M (Mileage)
G-0241XX (Ahead on 724)
G-0245M (Mileage)
G-0250M (Mileage)
G-0255M (Mileage)
G-0260M (Mileage)
G-0265M (Mileage)
G-0270M (Mileage)
G-0275M (Mileage)
G-0280M (Mileage)
G-0285M (Mileage)
G-0217XL (Left on 247)
G-0340M (Mileage)
G-0335M (Mileage)
G-0330M (Mileage)
G-0325M (Mileage)
G-0320M (Mileage)
G-0315M (Mileage)
G-0310M (Mileage)
G-0305M (Mileage)
G-0300M (Mileage)
G-0295M (Mileage)
G-0290M (Mileage)
G-0099WT (Springs E of trail)
G-0107XR (Follow streambed R)
G-0110M (Mileage)
G-0115M (Mileage)
G-0120M (Mileage)
G-0125M (Mileage)
G-0130M (Mileage)
G-0135M (Mileage)
G-0140M (Mileage)
G-0145XL (Left int. Columbus Rte.)
G-0225M (Mileage)
G-0220XR (Right - 724 Gila River)
G-0210M (Mileage)
G-0205M (Mileage)
G-0198WB (Wilderness Boundary)
G-0193XX (Cross Road)
G-0184XX (Cross Road)
G-0180XL (L eft fork FS 231)
G-0175M (Mileage)
G-0170M (Mileage)
G-0165M (Mileage)
G-0160XX (Cross FR 282)
G-0155M (Mileage)
G-0150M (Mileage)
CW-490M (Mileage)
CW-495M (Mileage)
CW-500M (Mileage)
CW-501TH (Zuni-Acoma TH)
G-0000OP (Int CDT - Gila River route)
G-0095M (Mileage)
G-0090M (Mileage)
G-0085M (Mileage)
G-0080M (Mileage)
G-0075M (Mileage)
G-0068XL (Left -FS 234)
G-0065M (Mileage)
G-0060M (Mileage)
G-0053WT (Bear Creek)
G-0050M (Mileage)
G-0045M (Mileage)
G-0042RX (Ahead)
G-0035M (Mileage)
G-0030M (Mileage)
G-0025RL (Stay L on 506)
G-0018RR (R on Jeep trail)
G-0015M (Mileage)
G-0010M (Mileage)
G-0005M (Mileage)
CW-485M (Mileage)
CW-480M (Mileage)
CW-475M (Mileage)
CW-470M (Mileage)
CW-465M (Mileage)
CW-460M (Mileage)
CW-455M (Mileage)
CW-450M (Mileage)
CW-445M (Mileage)
CW-440M (Mileage)
CW-435M (Mileage)
CW-320M (Mileage)
CW-325M (Mileage)
CW-330M (Mileage)
CW-335M (Mileage)
CW-340M (Mileage)
CW-345M (Mileage)
CW-350M (Mileage)
CW-355M (Mileage)
CW-359WT (Windmill .5 Mile East)
CW-360M (Mileage)
CW-365M (Mileage)
CW-370M (Mileage)
CW-375M (Mileage)
CW-377WT (Windmill .25 Mile East)
CW-380M (Mileage)
CW-385M (Mileage)
CW-390RR (Right on Hwy)
CW-395M (Mileage)
CW-400M (Mileage)
CW-405M (Mileage)
CW-410M (Mileage)
CW-415M (Mileage)
CW-420M (Mileage)
CW-425M (Mileage)
CW-430M (Mileage)
CW-255M (Mileage)
CW-260M (Mileage)
CW-265M (Mileage)
CW-270M (Mileage)
CW-275M (Mileage)
CW-280M (Mileage)
CW-285M (Mileage)
CW-290M (Mileage)
CW-295M (Mileage)
CW-300M (Mileage)
CW-305M (Mileage)
CW-310M (Mileage)
CW-315M (Mileage)
CW-135M (Mileage)
CW-140M (Mileage)
CW-145M (Mileage)
CW-150M (Mileage)
CW-155M (Mileage)
CW-160M (Mileage)
CW-165M (Mileage)
CW-170M (Mileage)
CW-175M (Mileage)
CW-180M (Mileage)
CW-185M (Mileage)
CW-190M (Mileage)
CW-195M (Mileage)
CW-199WT (Windmill .25 Mile East)
CW-200M (Mileage)
CW-205M (Mileage)
CW-210M (Mileage)
CW-215M (Mileage)
CW-220M (Mileage)
CW-225M (Mileage)
CW-230M (Mileage)
CW-235M (Mileage)
CW-240M (Mileage)
CW-245M (Mileage)
CW-250M (Mileage)
CW-130M (Mileage)
CW-127WT (Water 500' West)
CW-125M (Mileage)
CW-120M (Mileage)
CW-115M (Mileage)
CW-110M (Mileage)
CW-105M (Mileage)
CW-100M (Mileage)
CW-095M (Mileage)
CW-090M (Mileage)
CW-085M (Mileage)
CW-080M (Mileage)
CW-015M (Mileage)
CW-020M (Mileage)
CW-025M (Mileage)
CW-030M (Mileage)
CW-035M (Mileage)
CW-040M (Mileage)
CW-045M (Mileage)
CW-050M (Mileage)
CW-055M (Mileage)
CW-060M (Mileage)
CW-065M (Mileage)
CW-070M (Mileage)
CW-075M (Mileage)
CG-1601OP (Signal Peak LO)
CG-1605M (Mileage)
CG-1610M (Mileage)
CG-1615M (Mileage)
CG-1620M (Mileage)
CG-1625M (Mileage)
CG-1630M (Mileage)
CG-1635M (Mileage)
CG-1640M (Mileage)
CG-1645M (Mileage)
CG-1650M (Mileage)
CG-1655M (Mileage)
CG-1660M (Mileage)
CW-010M (Mileage)
CW-005M (Mileage)
CW-000M (Mileage)
CG-438RX (Ahead on paved rd 198)
Cg-1695xr1 (Right on Gila Route)
CG-1695XR (Right)
CG-1690M (Mileage)
CG-1685M (Mileage)
CG-1680M (Mileage)
CG-1675M (Mileage)
CG-1670M (Mileage)
CG-1665M (Mileage)
CG-1595M (Mileage)
CG-1590RX (Follow Road West)
CG-1585M (Mileage)
CG-1580M (Mileage)
CG-1575M (Mileage)
CG-1570M (Mileage)
CG-1564XX (Cross Official CDT)
CG-1560M (Mileage)
CG-1555M (Mileage)
CG-1550M (Mileage)
CG-1545M (Mileage)
CG-1540WT (Stream)
CG-1420M (Mileage)
CG-1425M (Mileage)
CG-1430M (Mileage)
CG-1435M (Mileage)
CG-1440M (Mileage)
CG-1445M (Mileage)
CG-1450M (Mileage)
CG-1455M (Mileage)
CG-1460M (Mileage)
CG-1467RL (Left)
CG-1470M (Mileage)
CG-1478WT (Water at ranger station)
CG-1480XR (Right Allie Creek Trail)
CG-1535M (Mileage)
CG-1530M (Mileage)
CG-1525M (Mileage)
CG-1520M (Mileage)
CG-1515M (Mileage)
CG-1510M (Mileage)
CG-1505M (Mileage)
CG-1500M (Mileage)
CG-1495M (Mileage)
CG-1490M (Mileage)
CG-1485M (Mileage)
CG-1415M (Mileage)
CG-1410M (Mileage)
CG-1405M (Mileage)
CG-1400M (Mileage)
CG-1395M (Mileage)
CG-1390M (Mileage)
CG-1385M (Mileage)
CG-1380M (Mileage)
CG-1375M (Mileage)
CG-1370M (Mileage)
CG-1365M (Mileage)
CG-1359WT (Stream)
CG-1230M (Mileage)
CG-1235M (Mileage)
CG-1240M (Mileage)
CG-1245M (Mileage)
CG-1250M (Mileage)
CG-1255M (Mileage)
CG-1263HP (Hillsboro Lookout)
CG-1265WT (Spring 1500' North of trail)
CG-1270M (Mileage)
CG-1275M (Mileage)
CG-1280M (Mileage)
CG-1285M (Mileage)
CG-1290M (Mileage)
CG-1295M (Mileage)
CG-1300M (Mileage)
CG-1305M (Mileage)
CG-1310M (Mileage)
CG-1315M (Mileage)
CG-1320M (Mileage)
CG-1325M (Mileage)
CG-1330M (Mileage)
CG-1335M (Mileage)
CG-1340M (Mileage)
CG-1345M (Mileage)
CG-1350M (Mileage)
CG-1355M (Mileage)
CG-1225M (Mileage)
CG-1221OP (Emory Pass)
CG-1215M (Mileage)
CG-1210M (Mileage)
CG-1205M (Mileage)
CG-1200M (Mileage)
CG-1195M (Mileage)
CG-1190M (Mileage)
CG-1185M (Mileage)
CG-1180M (Mileage)
CG-1175M (Mileage)
CG-1170M (Mileage)
CG-1165M (Mileage)
CG-1160M (Mileage)
CG-1155M (Mileage)
CG-1149WT (Spring 650' West)
CG-1145M (Mileage)
CG-1140M (Mileage)
CG-1135M (Mileage)
CG-1130M (Mileage)
CG-1125M (Mileage)
CG-1120M (Mileage)
CG-1115M (Mileage)
CG-1110M (Mileage)
CG-1105M (Mileage)
CG-1100M (Mileage)
CG-0985M (Mileage)
CG-1095M (Mileage)
CG-1090M (Mileage)
CG-1085M (Mileage)
CG-1080M (Mileage)
CG-1075M (Mileage)
CG-1070M (Mileage)
CG-1065M (Mileage)
CG-1060M (Mileage)
CG-1055M (Mileage)
CG-1050M (Mileage)
CG-1045M (Mileage)
CG-1040M (Mileage)
CG-1035M (Mileage)
CG-1030M (Mileage)
CG-1025M (Mileage)
CG-1021XL (Left on B 004)
CG-1015M (Mileage)
CG-1010M (Mileage)
CG-1005M (Mileage)
CG-1000M (Mileage)
CG-0997RR (Right)
CG-0995M (Mileage)
CG-0990M (Mileage)
CG-0875M (Mileage)
CG-0878RL (Left on road)
CG-0885M (Mileage)
CG-0890M (Mileage)
CG-0895M (Mileage)
CG-0900M (Mileage)
CG-0905M (Mileage)
CG-0910RR (Right)
CG-0913RL (Left (Macho Creek Rd))
CG-0915WT (Windmill)
CG-0920M (Mileage)
CG-0925M (Mileage)
CG-0808XX (Begin Undefined Trail)
CG-0978WT (Solar Well)
CG-0975M (Mileage)
CG-0970M (Mileage)
CG-0965M (Mileage)
CG-0960M (Mileage)
CG-0955M (Mileage)
CG-0950M (Mileage)
CG-0944WT (Windmill)
CG-0940M (Mileage)
CG-0935M (Mileage)
CG-0930M (Mileage)
CG-0870M (Mileage)
CG-0865M (Mileage)
CG-0860M (Mileage)
CG-0855M (Mileage)
CG-0850M (Mileage)
CG-0845M (Mileage)
CG-0837XX (Route Undefined)
CG-0835WT (Windmill)
CG-0830WP (Waypoint)
CG-0825WP (Waypoint)
CG-0820WP (Waypoint)
CG-0815WP (Waypoint)
CG-0805M (Mileage)
CG-0801RR (Right)
CG-0795M (Mileage)
CG-0787RL (Left on rd (CR A019))
CG-0784XX (Follow R track NE)
CG-0779WP (Bear right)
CG-0776XL (Undefined route)
CG-0773RR (Mileage)
CG-0771XL (Left)
CG-0766XR (Right)
CG-0760M (Mileage)
CG-0755M (Mileage)
CG-0750M (Mileage)
CG-0680M (Mileage)
CG-0686RR (Right)
CG-0688RX (X Rd then Left CR A016)
CG-0692RR (Right Fork)
CG-0700M (Mileage)
CG-0705XR (Cross wash to windmill)
CG-0745M (Mileage)
CG-0740M (Mileage)
CG-0735M (Mileage)
CG-0730M (Mileage)
CG-0725M (Mileage)
CG-0595M (Mileage)
CG-0598RR (Right (Highland Dr))
CG-0603RL (Left (Overhill))
CG-0610M (Mileage)
CG-0615M (Mileage)
CG-0618RR (Right (Irritabe Rd NW))
CG-0623RL (Left (Comanche Trail NW))
CG-0721RX (Ahead (East))
CG-0715M (Mileage)
CG-0712RR (Mileage)
CG-0707WT (Windmill with water)
CG-0522RL (Left (Solano Rd))
CG-0675M (Mileage)
CG-0670M (Mileage)
CG-0665M (Mileage)
CG-0659WT (Spider Windmill)
CG-0655M (Mileage)
CG-0650M (Mileage)
CG-0645M (Mileage)
CG-0640M (Mileage)
CG-0635XR (Stay Right)
CG-0631RR (Right)
CG-0625RR (Right (Sandhill Dr))
CG-0590M (Mileage)
CG-0585M (Mileage)
CG-0578RR (Right (Gold Ave - 180))
CG-0573RL (Left (East Spruce))
CG-0570M (Mileage)
CG-0563RL (Left (Motel Drive))
CG-0560M (Mileage)
CG-0555M (Mileage)
CG-0550M (Mileage)
CG-0545M (Mileage)
CG-0540M (Mileage)
CG-0532RR (Right (Country Club Rd))
CG-0393RX (Ahead)
CG-0400M (Mileage)
CG-0405M (Mileage)
CG-0410M (Mileage)
CG-0415M (Mileage)
CG-0420M (Mileage)
CG-0425M (Mileage)
CG-0430M (Mileage)
CG-0435M (Mileage)
CG-0445RL (Left on 143)
CG-0515M (Mileage)
CG-0510M (Mileage)
CG-0505M (Mileage)
CG-0503RR (Right (McCain Rd))
CG-0495M (Mileage)
CG-0490M (Mileage)
CG-0485M (Mileage)
CG-0480M (Mileage)
CG-0475M (Mileage)
CG-0470M (Mileage)
CG-0463RL (Left on Palomas Rd)
CG-0460M (Mileage)
CG-0455M (Mileage)
CG-0450M (Mileage)
CG-0387RX (Stay L on main road)
CG-0385M (Mileage)
CG-0378WT (Well .2M W (unreliable))
CG-0372RX (Ahead)
CG-0371RX (Straight Ahead)
CG-0365M (Mileage)
CG-0360RX (Ahead)
CG-0360RL (Left)
CG-0358RR (Right)
CG-0353RX (Ahead)
CG-0352RL (Left)
CG-0349RR (Right)
CG-0348RR (Right)
CG-0340M (Mileage)
CG-0335M (Mileage)
CG-0329RL (Left)
CG-0325M (Mileage)
CG-0320M (Mileage)
CG-0314XR (Follow Mine Road E)
CG-0310XL (Leave Road East)
CG-0305RR (Follow Jeep Trail R)
CG-0300M (Mileage)
CG-0295M (Mileage)
CG-0290M (Mileage)
CG-0283HP (Top of climb)
CG-0138RL (Left)
CG-0139RL (Left)
CG-0145M (Mileage)
CG-0152RR (Right)
CG-0157XL (X-Country)
CG-0169XR (North along section line)
CG-0280M (Mileage)
CG-0276WP (Follow Ridge N)
CG-0270M (Mileage)
CG-0266WP (GPS Nav Point)
CG-0260XX (Begin Bushwhack)
CG-0255M (Mileage)
CG-0250M (Mileage)
CG-0245M (Mileage)
CG-0240RR (Right)
CG-0239WT (McBee Windmill)
CG-0230M (Mileage)
CG-0225M (Mileage)
CG-0222RR (Right)
CG-0215M (Mileage)
CG-0210M (Mileage)
CG-0205M (Mileage)
CG-0201RL (Left on Hwy 11)
CG-0179RR (Ri on Settler rd)
CG-0137RR (Right)
CG-0130M (Mileage)
CG-0125M (Mileage)
CG-0119RL (Left at fork)
CG-0115M (Mileage)
CG-0110M (Mileage)
CG-0105M (Mileage)
CG-0100M (Mileage)
CG-0093XR (Right)
CG-0090M (Mileage)
CG-0085XL (Left)
CG-0080XL (Left across wash)
CG-0073XR (Right - Follow fenceline N)
BZ-230M (Mileage)
BZ-235M (Mileage)
BZ-240M (Mileage)
BZ-245M (Mileage)
BZ-249RL (Left on 1st)
CG-0000TH (Begin at NM-MX border)
CG-0031OP (Enter Columbus)
CG-0042RL (Left on Altura)
CG-0053RL (Left on Pajaro)
CG-0055RR (Right on Telegraph Road)
CG-0068RX (Ahead)
BZ-100M (Mileage)
BZ-105M (Mileage)
BZ-110M (Mileage)
BZ-115M (Mileage)
BZ-120M (Mileage)
BZ-125M (Mileage)
BZ-128RR (R on Zuni Canyon)
BZ-135M (Mileage)
BZ-140M (Mileage)
BZ-145M (Mileage)
BZ-150M (Mileage)
BZ-155M (Mileage)
BZ-160M (Mileage)
BZ-165M (Mileage)
BZ-170M (Mileage)
BZ-175M (Mileage)
BZ-180M (Mileage)
BZ-185M (Mileage)
BZ-190M (Mileage)
BZ-195M (Mileage)
BZ-200M (Mileage)
BZ-205M (Mileage)
BZ-210M (Mileage)
BZ-215M (Mileage)
BZ-220M (Mileage)
BZ-225M (Mileage)
BZ-000M (Bonita-Zuni Alt go North)
BZ-005M (Mileage)
BZ-010TH (Trailhead Parking Area)
BZ-015M (Mileage)
BZ-020M (Mileage)
BZ-025M (Mileage)
BZ-030M (Mileage)
BZ-035M (Mileage)
BZ-040M (Mileage)
BZ-045M (Mileage)
BZ-050M (Mileage)
BZ-055M (Mileage)
BZ-060RX (Ahead on 447)
BZ-065M (Mileage)
BZ-067RR (Right Fork - 447)
BZ-067WT (Electric Well - Not always working)
BZ-075M (Mileage)
BZ-080M (Mileage)
BZ-085M (Mileage)
BZ-090M (Mileage)
BZ-095M (Mileage)