32 miles on skis, 34 miles in packraft starting at the Mendenhall Glacier and looping up and over into the Taku Inlet and then back to Juneau
Mendenhall to Taku
Mendenhall to Taku
Mendenhall to Taku
Mendenhall to Taku
West Lake Trail - around 3.5 miles up glacier
SWITCH to packrafting
Glacier is pretty cracked up but travel looks possible along moraine
Maybe some potential skiing up here
Travel looks possible hugging moraine to reach water
Glacier no longer sticks out like this meaning water accessibility looks reasonable
Nice camping all along shore
Scow Cove also looks like a nice place to camp
Sunny Cove looks like a nice campsite
Potential camping in the little coves around Bishop Point
Road back to Juneau starts here