A lowest to highest (L2H) map including precious tips and beta from a past thru-hiker (with several long hikes in Death Valley, the Inyos, and the Sierra) and local. By posting this information, the author assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY over who uses it, how it is used, and what becomes of those who use it. This is an extremely difficult hiking route -- HIKE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Bear in mind, calls to local Inyo Search and Rescue (Inyo SAR) have increased in number as more people attempt hikes in this area. Inyo SAR isn't able or willing to help everyone. The author herself has been caught between unprepared hikers and Inyo SAR in the past, and it is not a place you want to be. People die in these mountains. Review Leave No Trace (lnt.org) before hiking, and do not be that person.