1.5 mile hike. Nice spot by a creek, not an established campsite, but there are 3-4 moderately level areas.
About a mile from the trailhead. A nice clearing near a slow spot in the river. Not an established campsite, but there are 4-5 moderately level areas.
2.5 mile hike. Great views and near the river. A somewhat established campsite. 3-4 moderately level tent sites. The trail to get there is quite steep and washed out. Would be difficult to drive to the trailhead if the roads were wet.
3 mile hike. Nice clearing near the confluence of two creeks. 4-5 moderately level tent sites. Looks like it may have been used as a campsite in the past, but not recently.
1.5 Mile hike. Nice partial clearing near a small creek. 5-6 somewhat level tent sites. Not an established campsite. Creek is probably too small to have fish. Very steep and eroded trail.
3.5 mile hike. Semi open field under large cliffs. Small creek probably doesn't have fish. 4-5 somewhat level tent sites. Quite a bit of elevation gain and loss on the hike.