Wildwood Gate
Vogel Flats Gate
Vogel Flats Picnic
Wildwood Picnic
Climb small hill
R1 overlook
White rocks (R5-7) overlook
Small trail starts
Shortcut drop in
Drop in
015 (R15: ~25' from two bolts RDC R16: ~70' from a tree center watercourse. (R15-R16) combine with 200' + 120' ropes as single strand with block)
017 (R17: ~50' from two bolts RDC )
012 (R12B-30 makesr11 easier pull can dc)
011 (R11: 47' from a tree center watercourse. This is the second stage of the same waterfall as for R10, and R11 could be combined with R10 with a 200' rope on the rappel side)
010 (R10: 116' from a tree high LDC. This rappel would be much more convenient with bolts lower down LDC, and would probably shorten the rope length required to under 100'.)
009 (R9: 46' from two bolts attached to a rock on the ground RDC. Canyoneers in the picture below are pointing to the rock with anchors in it.)
007 (R7: 59' from log center watercourse into a small pool, 11/5/16 small tree center Wet mossy)
008 (R8: 41' from extended webbing attached to a tree center watercourse, 11/5/16 watch out for the bees middle of the rappel )
004 (R4: 39' from a large tree root RDC & exposed ledge to get to it, webbing on tree has been ignored by some groups not comfortable with walking on the ledge to the anchor. 11/5/16 there is a cairn anchor in the center of the watercourse.)
006 (R6: 17' from log center watercourse; be careful, this rappel is slippery and awkward)
005 (R5: 83' from cairn anchor slightly RDC in watercourse. This is the first rappel of the sequence that is highly visible from the approach trail.)
001 (R1: 78' two bolts RDC. There is an overhanging rock LDC that makes for a good picture spot.)
013 (R13: ~60' from two bolts LDC )
002 (R2: 129' from extended webbing off of a tree high RDC)
012 (R12: 136' from two bolts LDC. This is a two-stage rappel; 65' to the end of the sloping rappel that is probably downclimbable in dry conditions, then the remaining distance over the lip is steeper. R12B if downclimbing from bolts the rappel can be reduced from 136' to 30' R12 Short version is a cairn anchor at the bottom of the 65' slanted slot section to a 30' rappel over the middle of the rocks, caution about the rope pull going RDC in the curve. )
014 (R14: ~40' from fallen log center watercourse. Note: This anchor has been removed. This rappel ca be combined with R13, or it can be downclimbed RDC)
003 (R3: 37' from a tree center watercourse (could also be combined with R2, or downclimbed RDC) )
016 (R16: ~70' from a tree center watercourse. (R15-R16) combine with 200' + 120' ropes as single strand with block)