Track 1
Track 2
Photo 1 (The ball)
Photo 2 (Facing east)
Photo 3 (At the gate 9:16am)
Photo 4 (Fool the scenic route to the ridge)
Photo 5 (At the service road)
Photo 6 (Within the fish and game boundary)
Photo 7 (Tower)
Photo 8 (Diablo)
Photo 9 (Vo rt India los Francis)
POI 1 (Game and fish boundary)
Photo 10 (Avenue of trees)
Photo 11 (A fence near the top)
Photo 12 (Summit marker?)
Photo 13 (The white pole I thought was at the highest point)
Photo 14 (Mystery of the v-notch solved!)
Photo 15 (From the rock facing west)
Photo 16 (The dip in the ridge + the rock creates the illusion of the v-notch)
Photo 17 (Los trancos from the back side)
Photo 18 (On the way back)
Photo 19 (El Granada)
Photo 20 (Friendly dog)