White Mountains (East Pond is the highest priority here. I think this will give us the best video because of the beautiful scenery, abundant fish, and super clear water. Many of the streams nearby are also beautiful and would make for a good combo. Mad and upper Pemi are good, as are tributaries. Fish are a bit smaller than in MA on Average, but very abundant and willing to bite. Upper Greeley could be another good destination - the cliffs are beautiful, but the fishing is only so-so)
I-190 Area Streams (Gates, Malden, Wekepeke, East Wachusett, Fall All these streams have wild brookies, and a few wild browns. Dry fly fishing should be very good in these streams so long as they have enough water (they should unless there is a drought). Mountain Laurel will bloom near them in May, possibly continuing into early June, although they maybe done earlier this year due to the warm winter. )
Western MA (Deerfield and tribs, Westfield, Cushman Fishing here should be good all through May and June. Potential for big fish, both stocked and wild, and some incredible scenery. )
Salter Streams (Red, Mashpee, Quashnet Awesome brook trout fishing, including some very big ones. Nice scenery, although we already have a couple videos here. )