Crazy Woman Canyon GP (This an enjoyable 13 mile trip from US 16, down the canyon to State Highway 196.)
Devil's Kitchen Bighorns GP (There are larger and more majestic badlands in the West, but this one was nice because it was "up close and personal".)
Hazelton Kaycee Loop GP (This is a fantastic 100 mile off-road trip! Be aware that it is very remote, and you may go the middle 50 of those miles without seeing another person.)
Hunt Mountain GP (This is a great run through high open rangeland between 9,000' and 10,000' elevation.)
PMWHR Burnt Timber 2.5 (Burnt Timber barely makes a 2.5 rating and is only 16 miles from pavement to the North Gate. This one took us 1 1/2 hours.)
PMWHR Crooked Creek 2.0 (Crooked Creek is the easiest road, but it is 36 miles from pavement to the North Gate. Took us a strong 2 hours. This road will take you to the Big Ice Cave.)
PMWHR Sykes Ridge 2.5 (Sykes Ridge is a good one to avoid. Relentless ledges. Took forever.)
Red Grade GP (We were not very excited about the Red Grade Road. It climbs steeply out of the valley to 7,000' then continues climbing to near 9,000' near the end. There is a nice open stretch shortly after the steep climb, but after that it mostly just a road through the trees.)
Bear Rocks 2.0 ( )
Kitchen to Beaver Ck GP
Pole Creek GP
Sheep Mt Lookout GP ( )