High Sierra Trail
Crescent Meadow (Crescent Meadow parking lot. High Sierra Trail trailhead.)
Outpost Camp
Whitney Portal
Trail Camp
99 Switchbacks
Lodgepole Rangers Station (Pick up back country wilderness permit here )
HST WP05 (Mehrten Creek. Water source)
HST WP04 (R @ Y, continue ENE along the steep slopes and bluffs of the south side of Alta Meadow and Alta Peak.)
HST WP06 (Keep R @ Y to Bearpaw Meadow; pass two forks of Nine Mile Creek and descend to Buck Canyon, well-known for floods, avalanches and rockslides. The Buck Creek crossing may be hazardous early in the summer. Check on conditions when you pick up your permit.)
HST WP07.5 (Begin stiff ascent up switchbacks)
HST WP09 (R to tent camping)
HST WP10 - Bearpaw Meadow (Backpacker's campsites at Bearpaw Meadow. Bear boxes at each site. Fire ring. Watch for fearless mule deer. Will rifle through an open pack and lick salt from the backpanel)
HST WP11 (Descend on High Sierra Trail from A-frame Ranger Station; sweet overlook of Valhalla near High Sierra Lodge)
HST WP12 (Cross bridge and go R @ T)
HST WP03 (R @ 3-way; wrap around a south-facing slope at Eagle View and scope Moro Rock to the W and down the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River; scanning E, the glaciated spires, domes and peaks of the Great Western Divide and Kaweah Gap stand ahead)
HST WP02 (R onto High Sierra Trail)
HST WP13 (Wet crossing of Hamilton River just above lower Hamilton Falls; climb switchbacks past Lower Hamilton Lake)
HST WP14 - Upper Hamilton (Hamilton Lake below stream-laced Precipice Bench and beneath the Angel Wings, a sheer granite wall to N; good camping, pit toilet, bear lockers, no fires; to continue to Kaweah Gap, cross stream and head up switchbacks)
HST WP14 (Upper Precipice Lake tucked below the glacier-laden north wall of Eagle Scout Peak; trail enters alpine zone of snowfields, ponds and meadows and might be faint or snowed over.)
HST WP16 (Kaweah Gap (10,700 ft.) on the Great Western Divide; Mt. Stewart, named after founder of Sequoia NP, to N; to continue descend in to Nine Lakes Basin of the Big Arroyo )
HST WP17 (Knee-deep crossing of Arroyo Creek)
HST WP18 - Big Arroyo (L @ Y; Big Arroyo Junction campsites and bear locker; sustained ridgeline climb through lodgepoles and towering mountain hemlocks)
HST WP19 (R @ Y for more scenic, south High Sierra Trail section along the lip of the Chagoopa Plateau; left-hand trail follows a more direct route across the Chagoopa Plateau, rejoining the Moraine Lake Trail at Sky Parlor Meadow)
HST WP20 (Grand overlook of the Big Arroyo and Chagoopa Plateau, spot Moraine Lake perched below on the plateau's edge.)
HST WP21 - Moraine Lake (Moraine Lake: bear locker and fire rings. About six different campsites to choose from )
HST WP22 (R @ T)
HST WP23 (L @ T to Kern Hot Springs through marshy forest of Jeffrey pine and incense-cedar)
HST WP25 - Junction Meadow (Large campsite at Junction Meadow. Bear locker and multiple fire rings)
HST WP26 (R @ 3-way and ascend Wallace Creek to JMT and Mt. Whitney)
HST WP27 (R @ T to Mt. Whitney up Wallace Creek; leave Jeffrey pine stands and cross a steep, rocky slope covered with manzanita and currant. The climb out of the Kern Trench offers impressive views of the canyon to the S and W to the Kaweah Peaks.)
HST WP28 (R @ T toward Crabtree; cross creek)
HST WP30 (L @ 3-way)
HST WP29 (Wallace Creek Campsite, bear locker)
HST WP31 (Take R to camp at Crabtree, or continue L toward Whitney Zone; pack out human waste in WAG chemical bags, provided in box at trail junction)
HST WP34 - Guitar Lake (Guitar Lake: no fires. Bear can required by law. Watch for wily marmots. If camped over, head to Hitchcock Lakes, stocked with Golden Trout. Last water source before the summit, so top off bladders for the climb.)
HST WP35 (Reach Trail Crest and drop packs for the final push to The Big Hill; pass Mt. Muir and "windows" that drop for thousands of feet and give big views E toward the Owens Valley; spot purple sky pilots that cling to the rocky soil and eek out an existence at 14,000 feet.)
HST WP33 (Timberline Lake, no camping or stock)
HST WP36 (Mount Whitney (14,505 ft): highest point in the Lower 48. See the Pacific Crest, Great Western Divide, and the Panamints and Death Valley across the Owens Valley. Sign the summit register and either head down to Whitney Portal or retrace route to Giant Forest)
HST WP07 (Nine Mile creek campground. This is the first established camping area along the High Sierra Trail. There are a couple of places to pitch a tent, but platforms are mostly slanted. Expect a crowd. There is a bear box here, but you should also be carrying a bear canister - bears are very active at this site!)
Lodgepole Campsite #89 (Campsite for Monday night.)