Monticello Tie GP
Apache to Palomas 2.5
Apache Lead mine Canyon 3.0
San Mateo GP (This is an easy Jeep trail that starts with open rangeland near the Interstate, rises up through stands of pinion pine and juniper then tops out in ponderosa pine at 8,000'.)
Palomas Gap 2.5 (Palomas Gap is a relatively easy Jeep trail that crosses the north end of Caballo Mountains. Scenery is nice, but the most talked about feature is the shelf road. It is plenty wide, but can be intimidating to a novice Jeeper.)
Monticello Canyon 2.0 (Monticello Canyon is a beautiful Jeep trail that could be done in a passenger car if it were not for the dozens of creek crossings. It appeared to us that water flows in the canyon year around. Unusual for the desert, but very nice.)
Apache Gap 3.5 (Apache Gap is a 3.5 rated Jeep trail across the southern end on the Caballo Mountains, ending at towers on the high point of the Caballo Mountains.)
1A Towers Road GP (Towers Road goes from Highway 51 to the towers on top of Timber Mountain. It provides access to Jeep trails on the east side of the Caballo Mountains. )
1A Monticello Road GP (Montecello Road goes from I-25 to the village of Monticello.)