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Gradual descent towards Maple Run
Steep climb leads us back to the woods
Dead Porcupine
Lunch break right next to a large stream. A new bridge allows hikers to directly cross the stream instead of going around it
B~~~~ shows off his Tarzan skills
Bear Trap!!!
Descend leads to old vintage forest road with beautiful trees around it
Knife-edge ridge line continues with very rocky terrain. Occasional views on either side of the ridges are seen
On top of the ridge. We locate the old route merging at the top of the ridge. Approx. two hours later, Blue Blazes takes this old route to get back on MST
Industrial Blvd. and then a steep climb leads us to the ridge
Get to Dew St. and then onto Rt. 26. It starts snowing - its almost the end of April. What's happening? Fortunately, snowing stops pretty soon
B~~~~ decides to find his own way and departs from the group. Blue Blazes decides to follow B~~~~, but loses him. Rest of the group head towards the road
Orange blazes suddenly disappear. No routes are found. We stumble around and then decide to turn back to find a better way forward
Saturday morning, we continue on orange blazes thinking we are on the alternate MST route
Friday night campsite @ Tenley Park. Pretty good