AZ Drive Jug
AZ Drive Barnhardt
AZ Drive Salome Upper
AZ Drive Waterslides
AZ Drive Christopher
AZ Drive Jug to Parker
AZ Drive Punchbowl
BA Exit
BA Approach
BI Approach
BI Big Kahuna
BI Exit
CH Alternate
CH Exit
CH Christopher (A couple rappels, jumps, downclimbs, swimming, etc.)
CH Approach (Simple, easy, well marked trail.)
FI Exit
FI First Water
FI Approach
HO Exit
HO Approach
HO Hog
MI Exit
MI Approach
MI Minnow
PA Alternate
PA Parker
PH Exit
PA Approach
PH Phog
PH Approach
PU Alternate
PU Alt Fin Route
PU Descent Narrows
PU Punchbowl
PU Approach
SL J Alternate
SL J Exit
SL J Salome Jug
SL J Alternate
SU Approach
SU Salome Upper
SU Exit
SH Shake Tree
SH Exit
SH Approach
SH Sneak Approach (4WD)
SH 4WD Road Private Closed
SH 4WD Road 1
SH 4WD Road 2
WA Shuttle
WA Approach
WA Waterslides
ZI Zig Zag
ZI Approach
ZI Exit
ZI Alt
BA Barnhardt
AZ Drive Parker
Grapevine Group Campsite
BA Confluence (With Barnhardt Creek.)
BA Exit (An unpleasant but relatively short scramble back up to the trail. Not much instruction here, just go up until you reach the trail.)
CH Exit (Take this minor drainage up and out to the highway.)
CH Park
BI Park
BA Trailhead (Mediocre camping here. Trail is well maintained and climbs and contours high above Barnhardt Creek.)
BA Leave Trail (Drop into small, washy uninteresting drainage and take it down into Barnhardt Creek. Easy all the way.)
HO Park Alt
HO Park
FI Park
CH Drop in (Ready. Set. Wet.)
CH Park (I have always parked on a pullout near a fence on the right.)
MI Exit (Either spot a car here or walk/hitch hike back to your vehicle at the top.)
MI Drop in (Leave the trail here. There are several forks to the canyon and they all go to the same place. There is one canyon just north of here, make sure you drop into the correct canyon.)
PA Exit (Immediately after the final overhanging 80 footer, there will be a break on the canyon wall on the right. Pretty obvious, just scramble up this loose and steep gulley.)
MI Park (Park here, likely many other cars here.)
PU End (of narrows, final drop into a big punchbowl and the highway.)
PU Fin Route ( )
PH Park
PA Park (Park somewhere around here and simply drop in.)
PU Narrows (Real slot starts around here.)
PU Drop In (The canyon stays wide for a while but narrows up in about half a mile or so.)
PU Top of Elevator (From here, you will see a ridge almost due east. Begin to follow this with good drops on either side.)
PU Cairn Climb (These were placed before us. A short stack of rocks grants you easy access over this small cliff.)
PU Traverse (A somewhat exposed traverse, though it is very short and really not that bad.)
PU The Elevator (Elevator chute will require some moderate scrambling and climbing.)
PU Approach (There are two way to do this approach. The only way I know of it is known as the Sheep Route. I drew this map particularly accurate so switch to satellite view.)
PU Park (This gate may or may not be open. Again, this canyon has interesting access issues.)
SL J Drop in (Head downstream...)
SL J Exit (Immediately after the walls subside, rather abruptly, take the steep hill up and out of the canyon on creek right.)
SL J Park (Well established trail leads you down to the drop in.)
SU Drop in (To Park Creek. This may not be accurate.)
SU Park Creek (Drops thru a awesome arch, then into Salome.)
SU Narrows (Begin right around here.)
SU Trail (Pickup the trail out of Workman Creek right around here, as it begins to steeply climb up towards a big knoll.)
SU Confluence (With Workman Creek. Head up this shitty canyon.)
SH Private Road (CLOSED)
SU Park (Reynolds Creek, camping here as well.)
SH Park
SH 4WD Parking
WA Shuttle Turn Off
WA Camp Upper
WA Park Approach
WA Park Exit
WA Slides Begin
WA Camp Lower
ZI Alt Parking Top
ZI Alt parking Bottom