Cow Creek Aid Station
French Creek Aid Station
Silver Mountain Aid Station
Fort Misery
Ore Belle Aid Station
.5 mi A/S
STOP SIGN - Jcn CHS Drive - TURN LEFT (7.4 mi)
Camper Parking (3 mi)
Jcn dirt road - KEEP RIGHT (6 mi)
Jcn Cow Creek Road - TURN RIGHT, i.e., east (4.5 mi)
CHS Road crosses arm of Lake Pleasant
TURN LEFT to A/S "Primitive Sign" (1.8 mi)
1 mile out (1 mi)
About 1/2 mile - RIGHT TURN (2.3 mi )
Jcn Cougars Run
6 mi A/S
S4 74 MP 19
CHS Rd (E end)
End of pavement (7.3 mi)
1/2 mile - RIGHT TURN on to Cow Creek Rd. (5 mi)