05 - Tuolumne Meadows to Parker Pass
01 - Tunnel View to McGurk
18 - Tyndall Creek to Guitar Lake
19 - Guitar Lake to Whitney Portal
09 - Duck Outlet to Mono Creek
11 - Marie Lake to MTR
10 - Mono Creek to Marie Lake
14 - Big Pete To Palisade Lake
13 - Evolution Lake to Big Pete Meadow
15 - Palisade to Marjorie
06 - Koip Pass to 1000 Island Lake
02 - McGurk Meadows to Sunrise Creek
03 Sunrise Creek to Sunrise Lakes
04 - Sunrise Lakes to Tuolumne Meadows
07 - 1K Isle Lake to Reds Meadow
08 - Reds to Duck Lake Outlet Crossing
12 - MTR to Evolution Lake
16 - Lake Marjorie to Rae Lakes
17 - Rae Lakes to Tyndall Creek
Cathedral Pass
Donohue Pass
Forester Pass
Guitar Lake
Island Pass
Kearsarge Pass
Mather Pass
Mount Muir, 13983 Ft
Mount Whitney, 14452 Ft
Muir Pass
Muir Trail Ranch
Pinchot Pass
Reds Meadow
Sapphire Lake
Selden Pass
Silver Pass
Silver Pass Creek
Taboose Pass
VVR Turn
Ansel Adams Wilderness
Devil's Postpile
Vermilion Valley Resort ferry landing
Climbing the Golden Staircase
Golden Gate of the Sierras (suspension bridge)
Onion Valley CG (Optional resupply here)
Rush Creek TH
Mono Pass
Parker Pass
Koip Peak Pass
Tuolumne Meadows Wilderness Center