Feather Falls Lower Route
Feather Falls Upper Route
Milsap Bar Dirt Road
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2016-08-06 20:02:34
Middle Exit
Descent Upper
Descent Lower
Feather Falls Camp
Feather Falls Overlook
Bald Rock Dome
Little Bald Rock
02 J1 or R0 40' (J or R0 40' off a boulder platform in the center of the watercourse )
03 R2 20' (R1 20' ldc )
04 R3 40' (R3 40' chockstone rdc )
05 R4 40' (R4 40' tree ldc )
06 R5 130' (R5 130 ldc tree )
07 R6 60' (R6 60' off a small tree slightly back from the fall edge, center-right of the watercourse )
08 R7 30' (R7 30' rdc downclimb to tree )
09 R1 100' (R1 100' dcr off a small tree & bushes, a bit exposed around or through the bush. Triplefalls)
10 R2 130' (R2 130' tree dcr )
11 R3 100' (R3 100' tree dcr )
12 R4 130' (R4 130' 2 bolts on large boulder - a 50' free hang rappel to a long slope. There is a sharp edge here on the boulder - edge protection would be advised. An optional rappel is a wrapped boulder far dcr that takes you down an ugly boulder lined crack, but perhaps avoids rope wear issues. There is a fun little slide and hydraulic at the base of this rappel. The bolt location and angle of using a block make the pull a bit tougher as the block will be scraping the rock.)
13 R5 30' (R5 30'+ boulder on left, twin sisters, This is the waterfall for the 4 reference pictures 2014-07-05, 2015-06-12, 2010-09-09, 2015-05-25.)
14 R6-J3 30' (R6 J3 30' Rap off a wobbly boulder on right (ldc) ledge or a tree higher up (if you don't mind a lot of poisoned oak). Or jump from a lower ledge that is easily down climbed to access (recommended). There are ledges under the water LDC. )
Middle & Infinity Pool (Access Trail going up)
MiddlePark Seven Falls Trail - look for refrigerators (Seven Falls Trail - look for refrigerators)
LastRap (Finish a very long slog to Mislap Bar. You have found the campsite when you see a tree swing on your right. )
14 Long Slog (Long slog (long) you will save time if you can skirt the edges out of the watercourse. )
Brush Creek Administrative Site
01 J or Walk
03 R2 30' (R2 30' tree ldc )
Original Beta 75' rap (Original Beta mentions 75' rap so evaluate conditions that may or may not have changed.)