Winter Routes for the Jackal Hut

(Resolution Creek/Pearl Creek to Jackal Hut)
(So. Camp Hale TH to Jackal)
South Camp Hale Trailhead (For the South Camp Hale Trailhead, continue S on Highway 24 for .7 miles past the Camp Hale Trailhead. Look to your left for another distinct parking area. Again, you won't find a bridge over the river, but due to the distance this trailhead can save you, it might be worth looking for a snow bridge. Such bridges are more likely in mid winter. Boggy ground exists in this area as well, and needs a thick mid-winter snowpack for coverage.)
Jackal Hut
Camp Hale Trailhead (To reach the Camp Hale Trailhead, continue from the Pando Trailhead 1.5 miles S on Highway 24 to mile marker 160. Look to your left for two stone gate posts and a plaque. Again, parking is straightforward and there is a great year-round permanent bridge at this trailhead. )
3.17mi to Jackal Hut (1.5mi to Camp Hale)
1.85mi to Jackal Hut (4.76mi to Camp Hale 5.96mi to Fowler/Hilliard)
3.01mi to Jackal Hut (3.6mi to Camp Hale 4.8mi to Fowler-Hilliard)