Happy Canyon - Sams mesa box canyon loop, Oct 24 -28 2015
Face to walk
Happy Canyon spring (Spring may not run)
Down first cliff
Descent 3
Miners rappel 1
Happy Canyon Mouth (5 min up Happy locate 3 chute on right to bypass narrows if necessary)
Campsite 2 - No water
Campsite 1 (12 miles from start)
Campste 3 - Last night
Cattle trail top (emergency exit, continue north to road)
Cattle trail top - small wall
Bur Road 6
Bur Road 5
Happy Canyon French Spring (go check spring in SF, then continue N, small spring 200 y upcanyon)
Happy Canyon Spring 1
4 Rim Shina rump
3 Rim petrified wood
2 Rim Shina rump
2 Descent
1 Rim Shina rump
1 Descent
Bur Road 2
Bur Road 1
Bur Road 4
Side canyon w/spring (large spring 20 min up side canyon)
Start of Bur trail
Miners rappel 4
Bur Road
Miners rappel 5
Miners rappel start
Miners rappel 2
Starting/Ending Point (Burr Point Trailhead)
Top of Miners Rappel
To Hans Flat (side canyon, find cattle trail on right to get to ranger station in case of emergengy, else stay right)