Raw data, trails, aid locations, and Boxes for the Vertical Playground event http://www.vertplayground.com/
(Delauter North)
(Shed North)
(Hamburg South)
Hamburg Rd
(Hamburg North)
Gambrill Park Rd
Gambrill Park Rd West
Delauter Rd
Gambrill Park Rd North
(Fishing Creek Downhills)
(Fishing Creek Rd.)
Fishing Creek Rd.
Mountaindale Rd.
(Shed NE)
(Shed Center)
(Bobs and Cat Rock)
(Manor Camping)
(Cunningham SP)
(Cunningham Camping)
Stay Out of This Area Please!
Catoctin Hollow Rd
(Cunningham Falls Area)
(Cunningham East)
(Shed NE 2)
(Shed NE 3)
(Manor Area)
(Cunningham Camping 2)
(Cunningham Camping 3)
(Cunningham Camping 4)
(Cunningham Camping 5)
Rt 77
Downhills Restock Point
Hamburg Aid Station
Lake Aid Station
START / FINISH Manor Aid Station
Cat Rock View
Salamander Peak
Bobs Cliff View (South)
Cliff Valley View
Whispering Rocks Formation
Moe's Scramble
Vandal Cliffs
Spring Restock Point