A Walk to the Sea
North Spartanburg 2
Enoree Passage
Blue Wall Passage 2 (Not Yet Tested)
Foothills Trail
Middle Saluda Passage (Not Yet Tested.)
Beaver Dam Road Passage (Not Tested)
Foothills Trail 2
Croft Passage
Peach County Passage
Peach County Passage 2
North Spartanburg Passage
Peach County Alt 1
Hub City Passage
Glenn Springs Passage
Enoree Passage 2
Membkin to Charleston

River Falls
Foxfire Mountain (Potential Sleeping Area)
Camp Ground (Mostly campers, check to see if there is a shower)
Trail Head? (Trail head. not sure where it leads. potential alternate route)
Shelter (Not certain who owns. may not be happy if used by hikers. Always carry out any trash)
Cabins (Potentially for rent)