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GNW1 Newcastle to Flat Rock 50m
GNW2 Flat Rock to Somersby 34.8m
GNW3 Somersby to Patonga 14.4m
GNW4 Wonbyn Station Cutoff 1.19m
GNW5 Wondbyn/Brooklyn train
GNW6 Brooklyn to Woolwich Ferry 46m
GNW7 Woolwich/Sydney ferry
GNW8 Sydney conclusion .28m
Brooklyn Train Station.
Ferry Dock: ferry to Circular Quay.
Circular Quay
End of Great North Walk at the Obelisk.
Ferry to cafe for lunch.
Begin hike in Newcastle
15:44 train to Brooklyn.
GN1 H20 Magdala Park
GN1 H20 Buffalo Creek Park
GN1 H20 Boronia Park
GN1 Food Supermarket Hunters Hill
GN1 Food Grocery Thornleigh
GN1 Food,Deli Thornleigh
GN1 H20 Lane Cove NP HQ
GN1 H20 Thornleigh Park
GN2 Camp signposted. But better site a couple of minutes towards Crosslands
GN2 Camp Good site with real facilities. Log benches surround a place for a fire
GN2 Camp Jungo
GN3A Train Station
GN2 Cafe,Deli,Store(small) Berowra Waters
GN2 H20 & Campground Crosslands
GN2 Food Coles
GN3A approx Public Wharf
GN3A Food (Small) somewhere in Cowan
GN3A Food (Small),Cafes
GN6 Food IGA
GN6 Library
GN6 Food Coles Charlestown
GN6 Food Coles Warners Bay
GN6 Library
GN6 Cafe x2 Teralba
GN5B Store(small),Cafe,Motel Watagan/Heaton
GN5A Camp Forestry HQ
GN5B Camp
GN5A Camp
GN5A Congewai School
GN5A Old Forestry Hut
GN4B Camp
GN4B FlatRock
GN4B Camp Basin
GN4B Jct with trail to Basin
GN4B Camp
GN4A Food (Small) Yaramalong
GN4A Camp Stringbark
GN4A Camp Archery
GN6 Library
GN4A Camp Palm Grove
GN3A Camp Mt Wondabyne
GN3B Jct cutoff to Wonbyne Station
GN3B Good vistas
GN3B Camp
GN3B Camp
GN3B Food (Small) Somersby