Rak Trl-Rak Rd Jun (http://www.chiricahuatrails.com/trails/rak-trail-267a The Rak Trail can be accessed from two locations. The southeastern terminus is at the end of the Rak Road (FR 4243) out of Rucker Canyon. From either Rucker or Tex Canyon Roads (FR 74), turn onto the dead-end leg of Rucker Canyon Road (FR 74E) (31.75669, -109.37043) that heads towards Rucker Lake and travel 1.52 miles to FR 4243. (31.76443, -109.35307) This road is only identified at the junction by a sign which says "Forest Trail" (there is more than one road with this sort of sign along FR 74E), but there is another road further along. FR 4243 is a rough road and requires a high clearance vehicle. After 0.8 mile the condition drops and the steepness increases. A sign indicates here that only 4WD vehicles should continue beyond, and there is a decent spot to park if you wish to go on foot the remaining 0.4 mile. The trailhead is marked with a sign. (31.77973, -109.35435) The northwestern terminus is along the John Long Canyon Road (FR 360). (31.78543, -109.36681) This road is inaccessible by vehicle, but can be accessed on foot from the Sycamore Cub Trail, Cottonwood Fire Canyon Trail or John Long Trail. This junction is also signed. Length: 1.08 mi Elevation range: 6010 ft ? 6485 ft Elevation gain/loss: 470 ft ↑ / 290 ft ↓ Took wrong turn at asddle (R instead of L), so bushwacked down ridge to Rak Rd.)
Rak Trl #267A - Saddle Gate
Rak Rd (FR4243) Sign
Long John Cyn Loop TH
John Long Rd-Sycamore Cub Cyn Trl Jun
John Long Rd(FR360)-Rak Trl Jun
Cub Canyon Sign
Rucker Cyn (FR74E)-FR856 Jun (Wrong turn up this FR, so came back and went N to next FR junction.)
Rucker Cyn (FR74E)-Rak Rd Jun
Sycamore Cub Cyn Trl #219A - Gate in Fence
Turtle Mtn Trl - Corral
Turtle Mtn Trl - R at fork
Turtle Mtn#219(N)-Brushy Cyn#355(NE) Trl Jun (Brushy Canyon Trail #355 Length: 2.53 mi Elevation range: 6030 ft ? 6780 ft Elevation gain/loss: 790 ft ↑ / 225 ft ↓ The southwestern terminus (31.77810, -109.34289) is on the east side of Sycamore Canyon Road (FR 4244), 150 feet before the turnaround loop at the end of the road and the trailhead of the Turtle Mountain Trail. There are two signs here, one for the Turtle Mountain Trail and a broken, fallen over Carsonite sign?currently with only the trail number "355"?for the Brushy Canyon Trail. http://www.chiricahuatrails.com/trails/brushy-canyon-trail-355 )
Turtle Mtn-Sycamore Cub Cyn Trl Jun (The higher elevation eastern terminus is located at a switchback along the Turtle Mountain Trail, (31.79217, -109.34836) 1.39 miles above that trail's southwestern terminus in Sycamore Canyon. This junction is marked by two signs but the one for this trail has fallen off and is lying on the ground in several pieces. It does not identify the trail by name, only saying that Cub Canyon and John Long Canyon are along the left fork, heading due west. http://www.chiricahuatrails.com/trails/sycamore-cub-trail-219a )