Manker Flats (Look for the sign for the Manker Flats trailhead. Parking is available alongside the road. Remember to put your National Forest Adventure Pass in your car window.)
View of San Antonio Falls (This hairpin turn marks both the end of the pavement as well as a great viewing point for the seasonal San Antonio Falls. The falls usually run from spring to early summer, depending on the snow fall that year and the temperatures.)
[JCT] Ski Hut Trail (Note the trail that switches back up the hill to the left. This heads up to the Sierra Club ski hut at the base of Baldy Bowl. You will return via this trail, but for now, continue straight ahead on the gravel road.)
Top of the Notch (The Baldy Ski resort lodge is here at the top of Baldy Notch. The ski lift to the notch provides an optional shortcut, but check with the resort for days/hours of operation. There is a restaurant at the notch that is also open most weekends year-round.)
Up the Ski Runs (Follow the ski run up the ridgeline. At the ski resort boundary, you'll see a sign marking the beginning of the Devil's Backbone trail.)
Devil's Backbone (This gnarly trail follows the ridgeline with precipitous drops on either side. Don't attempt this in ice or snow without proper equipment and the know-how to use it! Even when it's dry, it demands your attention as you hike. Be sure to stop frequently to soak in the views.)
Mt. Harwood (If time and energy allow, consider a side-trip to bag nearby Mt. Harwood. Start from the saddle between Harwood and San Antonio.)
Saddle (This saddle marks the beginning of the final ascent -- a brutal 700' vertical in a very short distance. You're almost there!)
Mt. San Antonio (The summit of Mt. San Antonio - referred to by locals as "Baldy" - is a round shoulder of gravel and rock. There are several ad-hoc wind shelters constructed with rocks, as it can get very cold and gusty up top.)
Baldy Bowl (This scree-filled bowl can only be climbed when covered with frozen snow, using crampons and an ice axe.)
Ski Hut (This ski hut is owned by the Sierra Club and available for rent to members. There are some nice benches hewn of logs. This makes a great rest spot, especially in the springtime when the seasonal San Antonio Creek is flowing.)
Fire Road (This is the fire road which leads to the trail head.)
Fire road turns to dirt (The fire road goes uphill and turns to dirt here.)
Sierra Club Ski Hut (This hut is used year round. Camping and restroom is available. Make sure you have permission to camp over night.)
Slide Debris (When you leave the Ski Hut, you will immediately start over rock debris. Look for the trail, easy to loose it here. Dirty foot steps are the best thing to follow here.)
Crossing the Bowl (This is the middle of the Baldy Bowl)
Out of the bowl (Here you are out of the bow and heading up to the ridge.)
The ridge (Follow the ridge up to the peak.)
Final Push (The peak slope goes up here. In the summer expect switchbacks.)
PEAK! (This is the summit marker. Congrats! You can make the loop, or go back the way you came for a shorter hike.)
Summit rock shelters (When the snow is gone, these are wind shelters to get out of the wind and have a snack.)
Down to the Backbone (This is the view down the to the backbone. It is very steep, watch your step and be rested before you attempt.)
The summit from the otherside (Your looking at 900 feet of elevation, back up to the summmit.)
Devils Backbone (Watch your step, the path is narrow and steep.)
Ski Slope (Follow this steep ski slope down to the Baldy Notch. You will find a restaurant and if you done walking, a ski lift down the mountain.)
Fire Road back to Mankers Flat (Follow the brown dirt road.)
Ski Lift supports (Right about now you may wish you had taken the lift down, lol.)
Springs (The road may be a fire road, but the view can't be beat.)