001 TO 015
011 (Piped Spring on left.)
009 (Campsite. White Rocks vista.)
008 (Campsite on right. White White Rocks Trail on left.)
007 (Pink Old Mail Path comes in on right.)
006 (Yellow Sulfur Spring Gap Trail.on right.)
005 (Turn left onto blue Tuscarora Tr.)
004 (Campsite. Beginning of road.)
003 (Campsite/pond.)
002 (Orange Bread Road Trail.)
001 (Cedar Run Trailhead Parking Area.)
012 (Junction with orange Bread Road Tr.)
013 (Campsite with view on left.)
014 (Old Little Sluice Mountain Tr on left. Meadow with giant spruce. Campsite on left.)
015 (Easward view. Turn around point. Little Schloss immediately to the south.)
010 (Junction with orange Racer Camp Hollow Tr on right and purple Little Sluice Mountain Tr on left. Campsites.)