Forts near Tonoloways Settlement in Maryland & Pennsylvania
(POTOMAC RIVER - North Branch & South Branch of Potomac River at mouth of Potomac River, Oldtown, Allegany County, MD to East Boundary Tuscarora, Frederick County, MD)
(40th Parallel )
(Fort Frederick 19.29 miles - 1756 - 1783 - Big Pool, Washington, Maryland Construction began in early 1756, and so intent was Governor Sharpe to see it through quickly, he stayed on the site and supervised the building until the end of July, 1756. The fort was completed in early 1757)
(Fort Coombe - 10.14 miles, Warfordsburg, Fulton, Pennsylvania Fort location A settlers' stockaded house, located two miles north of Hancock, Washington, Maryland . A stone monument (1935) is located on the site. It is undetermined if the house belonged to Edward or Joseph Coombs. When the fort was built, this was considered part of Maryland, as the Mason-Dixon survey did not reach this area until 1767. The MD colonial militia used this fort after 1756. It was attacked by Indians several times )
( Ft Tonoloway aka Fort Stoddert, 12.54 miles , 1755-1756 Hancock, Washington, MD, located not far up the creek from the Little Tonoloway Recreation Area, was a small frontier fort built in the summer of 1755. It was protected by 15 men under the command of Lt. Stoddert. Soldiers reported gruesome massacres on the road to the fort ? burned houses, slaughtered livestock & men were killed. Abandoned in August 1756 for Fort Frederick)
(Fort Lyttleton aka Fort Littleton & the Sugar Cabins 16.32 miles (1756 - 1760, 1763 - 1764), Fort Littleton, Fulton, Pennsylvania A 100-foot square stockade with four bastions, built by the PA colonial militia. It was located one-half mile northeast of town on the north side of US 522. A stone monument (1924) is located here. The spelling of the town's name was later altered. This area was originally known as the Sugar Cabins )
(Fort Bedford aka Fort Raystown, 22.11 miles - 1758-1770 Bedford, Bedford, Pennsylvania Construction began mid July 1758 completed August 16, 1758)
(Fort Loudon(Loudoun) aka Fort Conococheague 13.49 miles (1756 - 1765) Mercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania )
(Fort Juniata Crossing 11.14 Miles - 1758 - 1763 Juniata Crossing, Bedford County. British fortified supply camp on the Forbes Road, east side of the river,)
(Daniel McConnell's Blockhouse 8.54 miles -1764 McConnellsburg, Bedford County. A settlers' blockhouse.)
(Fort Defiance, 10.36 miles - 1770's - West Providence Township, Bedford County A settlers' defense located in a natural rock formation on the west bank of Shaffer Creek, in the southeast corner of the township bounds. )

(POTOMAC RIVER South Branch Potomac River confluence with Potomac River North Branch of the Potomac River Oldtown, Allegany County, MD)