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Confluence (With Paria Canyon. You have a few options here as far as camping. There are several sites right before the confluence with Paria, though these are usually taken first. There are many more camp sites down Paria Canyon within half a mile. Not much from what I can remember upstream. (Data by
Trailhead (Wire Pass Trailhead. Park next to the million tourists here. Don't worry, alot of them don't go more than a mile or so. (Data by
White House Trailhead (Spot a car here. Good camping spots. (Data by
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Boulder Jam (<img src="" height="200" width="auto" /><br><br> (Data by
Boulder Jam (Appears as you near the confluence with Paria. This is the only semi-technical obstacle on the route. There is usually a rope in place but I would not count on it, come prepared with a short piece of rope. (Data by
Wire Pass (A lovely slot canyon forms a you near Buckskin Gulch. (Data by
Confluence (With Buckskin Gulch. Let the madness begin. (Data by