1A Red Canyon Road GP (Access road for the west side of Wingate Mesa. The road continues north but we do not have a track. It does not connect to Blue Notch GP!)
Arch Canyon 3.0 (Walk through ground level Indian ruins, view beautiful Cathedral Arch, inspect a granary and gaze at several visible cliff dwellings.)
Elephant hill 3.0 (Elephant Hill is a Jeep trail that combines great Jeeping and great scenery. The trail itself is not all that long, but it can take a long time to get there. It is in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.)
Cottonwood to Elephant Hill 2.5 (This is an alternate entrance or exit for Elephant Hill via Cottonwood Bridger Road through Beef Basin.)
Dino Bone to Recapture 3.5 (See a large dinosaur bone, petrified log, cliff dwelling and uranium mine along a challenging Jeep trail.)
Between Bear's Ears GP (You probably have heard of Bear's Ears National Monument. Here is your chance to drive between the "Bear's Ears".)
Big Pocket Overlook 2.5 (Drive 2 miles out on a point to a nice overlook of Big Pocket in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.)
Blue Notch GP (This is a graded County road from Highway 95, over Blue Notch Pass, almost to the shore of Lake Powell. Slightly more difficult trails will take you to the shore.)
1A Comb Wash GP
1A Cottonwood Bridger Road GP
1A Highways Blanding
Jacob's Chair 2.5 (?Jacob?s Chair resembles a gigantic straight-backed chair sitting atop a mesa. It was named after Jacob Adams, a well-known cattleman in the area who lost his life while trying to cross nearby White Creek too soon after a storm. This trail starts on Highway 95, circles behind Jacob's Chair then returns to Highway 95 five miles from the start.)
Montezuma Creek GP (An easy road through a canyon stuffed with rock art, dwellings and even a reconstructed kiva.)
Old Highway 3.0 (?Follow Old Highway 95 from Texas Flat to Cottonwood Road, including the eroded dugway climbing up to Comb Ridge.)
Over Under Ruins GP (?One ruin on top of another, plus 2 other minor ones.)
Piute Pass North 3.0 (A challenging Jeep trail through remote country south of HIte. The trail climbs up onto Wingate Mesa from Highway 95 then drops down the other side to a major intersection. At this intersection you can take the north leg or south leg to reach a graded road in Red Canyon. This version of the trail takes the north leg.)
Piute Pass South 3.0 (A challenging Jeep trail between Red Canyon and Highway 95. This run crosses the face of Chocolate Drop and traverses Piute Pass over Wingate Mesa.)
Spook - Dee Bullseye Coleman Mine GP (This is a graded road that passes what we THINK is the Radium King Mine. We are not able to confirm this, except the road is named Radium King. ?A good way to get between Highway 95 and Red Canyon.)
Texas Flat Arch Overlook 2.0 (An easy trail to the rim of Arch Canyon to overlook Cathedral Arch.)
Beef Basin Spur 2.5
Colorado River Ovlk 2.0
Davis Canyon 2.0
Dino alt 2.0
Horse Canyon 2.0
Lavender Cyn 2.5
Lavender Cyn W Fork
Stevens Canyon GP
Between Causeway
Between Bear's Ears
Between Arch Canyon Overlook
Arch Canyon Mule Canyon Ruins view
Arch Canyon Ruin
Big Pocket 4 Arch View
Over Under Ruins 2
Over Under Ruins 3
Montezuma Steps
Old Highway petroglyphs
Over Under Ruins 1
Montezuma Dwelling 2 across creek
Montezuma Granary
Montezuma Pictograph 1 (6 deer)
Montezuma Dwelling 1 across creek
Montezuma 3 Kivas Pueblo
Montezuma Big deer hard to see
Montezuma Bradford Canyon
Dinosaur Bone
Elephant Silver Stairs
Big Pocket Overlook
Dino Bradford Hill
Dino Cave Canyon Hill
Dino Deadman Ledge
Dino Dwelling
Arch Canyon beaver dam
Arch Canyon Granary view
Arch Canyon Jailhouse view