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Fern Lake Hike
finch lake hike
Bear Lake to Timberline
Pt_Day Hike
East Inlet TH to Wild Basn TH
Caribou Lake BZ

North Inlet Loop
N. Inlet Loop Green mtn TH

sand beach trail

Columbine BZ
Caribou BZ
Roaring Fork BZ
Crater Lake BZ
Buchanan BZ

Hell Canyon BZ
Cascade Creek BZ
Arapaho BZ

Gourd - Stone (Off Trail)
BC_06 (Thunderbolt Creek Site)
Hague Creek Group
Chapin Creek Group
Lost Meadow (no 2018)
Aspen Meadows
Tonahutu group site (no 2018)
July group site
North Inlet group site
Summerland Park group site
Gray Jay group site
Thunder Lake group site (no2018)
Sandbeach Lake group site
Finch Lake group site
Boulder Brook group site
Fern Lake group site
Ditch Camp Group
Dunraven TH
East Inlet TH
Tonahutu/ North Inlet TH
Green Mountain TH
Onahu Creek TH
Allenspark TH
Wild Basin TH
Longs Peak TH
Bear Lake TH
Glacier Gorge TH
Storm Pass TH
Sprague Lake TH
Fern Lake TH
Cub Lake TH
Aspen Meadow Group (NF-6-G/005)
RF_01 (Falls/ close to river. Break spot.)
RF_02 (Good view. River Crossing)
Aspen Knoll (W-1/052)
RF_03 (Cool water pool.)
RF2_01 (River Crossing. Break)
RF2_02 (Pass)
Andrews Creek (LP-1/040)
RF2_03 (View.)
RF2_04 (Summit)
RF3_02 (River Xings. Break Spot.)
RF3_03 (River Xing)
Arch Rocks (B-1/026)
RF3_04 (End of trail.)
RF3_06 (View.)
JL_00 (Trail Head)
JL_01 (Fork. Break)
JL_02 (Leave Trail)
JL_03 (Best Campsite)
JL2_02 (Break. View)
JL2_03 (Break. View)
JL2_04 (Campsite)
CC_01 (Fork)
CC_02 (Epic lunch spot)
CC_03 (Campsite)
CC2_02 (River Xing. Break)
CC2_03 (Fork. Break)
CC2_04 (Crater Lake Campsite)
CC3_01 (River Xing. Break)
CC3_03 (Summit)
LP_00 (Trail Head)
LP_01 (Fork(stay left))
LP_02 (Fork(stay left))
LP_03 (River Xing. Break)
LP_04 (Fork(stay farthest right).)
LP_05 (Campsite)
LP2_02 (Chasm Lake)
LP3_01 (Fork(stay right) or stay left for Chasm Lake)
LP3_02 (Fork(stay right))
LP3_03 (Break.)
LP3_04 (Campsite)
LP4_01 (Fork(stay left))
LP4_02 (Break)
LP4_03 (Fork(stay right).)
LP4_04 (Alberta Falls. Break.)
LP4_05 (Fork(stay right))
LP4_06 (Fork(stay left))
LP4_07 (Trail Head.)
BC2_04 (Summit)
Hurd Creek Parking
BC2_01 (River Xing. Break?)
Hurd Creek Climbing
Battle Mountain Group (LP-2-G/043)
Beaver Mill (W-2/047)
Big Meadows Group (T-1-G/085)
Bighorn Mountain Group/Stock (LL-6/016)
BigPool (NI-4-2/072)
Boulder Brook (LP-3-G/038)
BoulderBrook (LP-3-1/038)
BoulderBrook1 (LP-3-2/038)
Boulderfield (LP-1-1/044)
Boundary Creek (NF-2-2/001)
BoundaryCreek (NF-2-1/001)
Box Canyon (NS-1-E/111)
BoxCanyon (NS-1-W/111)
Cache (H-3-E/113)
Cache1 (H-3-W/113)
Campers Creek (W-3/046)
Cascade Falls (NI-3/071)
Cats Lair (EI-1-3/063)
CatsLair (EI-1-1/063)
Cub Creek (B-2-1/032)
CubCreek (B-2-2/032)
Cutbank (LL-8/021)
Desolation (H-5/116)
Dutch Town (NS-13/107)
East Meadow (EI-2-S/061)
FinchLake (W-4-1/058)
Flatiron (H-4/117)
Foot Bridge (NI-7-1/075)
Golden Banner (LL-9/022)
GraniteFalls (T-2-1/089)
Grouseberry (NI-5-2/073)
Hague Creek (H-6-S/115)
HagueCreek (H-6-N/115)
HagueCreek1 (H-6-G/115)
Halfway (NF-4-2/004)
Happily Lost (NF-12/006)
Haynach (T-3-2/093)
Hitchens Gulch (NS-4-W/106)
Hole in the Wall (W-5/045)
Hunters Creek (W-6/048)
Jackstraw (NS-5-U/099)
July (NI-13-G/081)
July1 (NI-13-1/081)
July2 (NI-13-3/081)
July3 (NI-13-2/081)
Kettle Tarn (NF-3-2/002)
KettleTarn (NF-3-1/002)
Koenig (H-8/119)
La Poudre Pass (NS-6-E/112)
Lake Verna (EI-8/068)
LaPoudrePass (NS-6-W/112)
LaPoudrePass1 (NS-6-S/112)
Lawn Lake (LL-3-1/023)
Little Rock Lake (LR-1-1/024)
Lodgepole (T-4-1/082)
Lost Falls (NF-9-2/007)
Lost Lake (NF-11-1/012)
Lost Meadow Group (no2018) (NF-1-G/011)
LostFalls (NF-9-1/007)
Lower East Inlet (EI-3-S/062)
Lower Granite Falls (T-5-2/088)
Lower Tileston (LL-4-1/017)
LowerGraniteFal (T-5-1/088)
McGregor Mountain (LL-1-1/015)
McGregorMountai (LL-1-2/015)
MillCreekBasin (B-4-1/033)
Mirror Lake (H-9-U/120)
Moore Park (LP-7-2/042)
Mummy Pass Creek (H-7-W/118)
MummyPassCreek (H-7-E/118)
North Inlet Falls (NI-11/079)
North Inlet Junction (NI-10-1/078)
NorthInletJunc1 (NI-10-3/078)
NorthInletJunct (NI-10-2/078)
NorthSt.Vrain (W-7-U/054)
Odessa Lake (B-5-W/030)
OldForestInn (B-6-W/027)
Onahu Bridge (T-6-2/097)
Onahu Creek (T-7-1/095)
OnahuBridge (T-6-1/097)
Opposition Creek (NS-8/104)
Ouzel Lake (W-8/056)
Over The Hill (LP-8/036)
Paint Brush (T-8-N/083)
PaintBrush (T-8-S/083)
Pear Creek (W-9-2/059)
Pear Lake (W-10/060)
PearCreek1 (W-9-1/059)
Peregrine (MGR-1/014)
Pine Martin (NI-12-1/080)
Pine Ridge (W-11-L/050)
Porcupine (NI-9-2/077)
Ptarmigan (NI-8/076)
Rabbit Ears (MGR-2/013)
Red Gulch Group (NS-9/105)
Renegade (T-16/092)
Rockslide (NS-10/100)
Silvanmere (NF-5-1/003)
Silvanmere1 (NF-5-2/003)
Siskin (W-13/053)
Skeleton Gulch (NS-11/110)
Slickrock (EI-5/065)
Snowbird (NS-12-1/101)
Snowbird1 (NS-12-2/101)
Solitaire (EI-6/066)
Sourdough (B-7/031)
South Meadows (T-9/084)
Sprague Lake Accessible Site (A1/A1)
Spruce Lake (B-8-NE/029)
Stage Road (NS-3/108)
Stormy Peaks (NF-8-1/010)
Stormy Peaks South (NF-10/009)
StormyPeaks (NF-8-G/010)
StormyPeaks1 (NF-8-2/010)
Sugarloaf (NF-7/008)
Sunrise (T-10/087)
Sunset (T-11/086)
Tahosa (W-14/051)
Tileston Meadows (LL-5-2/018)
TilestonMeadows (LL-5-1/018)
Timber Creek (NS-14-2/098)
Tonahutu Group/Stock (T-13-G/091)
Tonahutu Meadows (T-14-2/090)
Twinberry (NI-2-2/070)
Upper Chipmunk (LL-2-1/019)
Upper East Inlet (EI-7/067)
Upper Mill Creek (B-9-2/034)
Upper Onahu (T-15-2/096)
Upper Ouzel Creek (W-16/057)
Upper Wind River (LP-9-1/037)
UpperOnahu (T-15-1/096)
UpperWindRiver (LP-9-2/037)
Ute Meadows (B-10/025)
ValleyView (NS-15-S/102)
Wind River Bluff (LP-10/035)
Ypsilon Creek (LL-7/020)
Individual Sites
JL3_03 (Ridge)
JL3_04 (Satanta Peak)
JL3_02 (Game Trail)
BC_05 (Gourd Lake Trail)
BC3_02 (Gourd Lake)

Timberline Group
HC_09 (Talus)
Bc_04 (Kinda sketch bridge )
HC_05 (East talus field)
HC_10 (Cool meadow)
Excellent view
rad 1 man bivy
upper lake. 9.2mi from MONARCH TH (That decent suckedddd)
HC_12 (Campsite)
HC_01 (Make sure to head West from the lake)
rad meadow
HC_08 (At the ridge, head NW)
HC_02 (Stay high)
HC_04 (Cross the Stream)
Wb/ Beta (Angle up and right toward the pass. On 07/05/17, this route could be linked together with minimal travel on snow. )
HC_03 (Rocky little detour lake )
HC2_02 (Sick photo bro!)
HC_07 (Great Campsite option )
HC2_01 (Pond with boulder)