Day 4 (Trying day. Felt good, got an early start but ran into two fords early. Lost my water bottle on one. Later after going over Harper? Pass I was surely questioning the route after the map showed the trail on the other side of the creek, and missed a pretty major creek crossing. I almost turned back at one point but fortunately stuck with it because the actual landscape fitted the map. Very pretty Crater Lake, didnt see a person all day. )
Day 2 (Very interesting day. Good interesting trail overall. Once over Horton Pass had to negotiate patches of snow, lost the trail a couple of times but easy to see where to go without it. Ran into first groups of people looking for camps. Was pretty tire at the end of the day and glad to camp at Douglas)
Day 3 (This day was probably the highlight of the trip. Backtracked to Moccassin Lake and hiked up Glacier Pass. Chatted with a FS trail crew just out of Moccassin Lake. Almost at Glacier Pass I came across something I had never seen, a group of pack goats!. I talked a while with the two men with them about the trials and tribulation)
Day 5 (Looking forward to the hike out, supposedly 5.63 miles and some 3000 feet elevation loss. Top part of the trail was nice. Got to visit with a lot of Pikas, my favorite wilderness critter. However the lower part of the trail was through dense shrub and brush, and seemed to go up and down without losing elevation. )
Day 1 (Lower elevation than the Sierras. Trailhead at 6000, passes at 8400, peaks in the 9000 range. Good trail through glacial moraine with lush vegetation to junction to Hidden Lake trail. Had to ford E.Eagle. Tough trail to Hidden, glad to get there. So so camp, most are very beat out, very popular area for folk in Wa, Or and ID. )

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