Approach Ilusions 0.94mi
Exit Confluence
Technical Illusions
Exit West Fork Out
Approach AB Young 1.7mi
W Fork Trail
Sneak Route
SN#2 Saddle
SN#2 Sneak Route
SN#2 Last Rappel
SN#2 Illusions Sneak Route
SN#2 Illusions_Snea_Traditional_-_On_Rope_CanyoneeringCar Park
SN#1 West Fork Out (West Fork Out )
SN#1 Sneak Out
SN#1 Shuttle Vehicle Sneak Insomnia/Illusions
SN#1 Illusions Sneak Route
SN#1 Illusions Parking
Last Rappel
IL_Tourist trail starts about here on right side
IL_Top of the rim
IL_Road parking if needed
IL_Park on 89A here by Bootlegger
IL_Main Canyon Head
IL_First of 33 switchbacks
IL_Fire Tower
IL_Cut North off road here
IL_Cut NE off road to canyon here
IL_Confluence with West Fork Oak Creek
IL_Bushwack way down east fork wash
IL_Approximate start of AB Yong Trail
IL_16th switchback (halfway)