Red Route starts with Onion's route until Ennis Lake where it starts following Brian and Martina's route the rest of the way. Onion's route until Yellowstone is included in purple and I've added a number of my own alternates since I want to link up with Tapon's Teton Route. Onion's Route: Brian and Martina's Route: ...hopefully someone finds this useful. -Canhacker
Bushwack/aprroximate old logging road /R

Preferable road walk due to unmaintained trail (as of 2015) /R
Cross-country Alt
CDT Main Route
Extra Road Walking....
Possible Cross-country to Beehive Basin

To Big Sky Medow Village

Onion's Route from Bute to just past Ennis Lake
Rest of Onion's Route

Alternate that heads to Yellowstone Lake

Start of Tapon's Teton Route

Brian and Martina's Route
Onion's Route from Bute to just past Ennis Lake
Onion's Route from Butte to just past Ennis Lake
Brian and Martina's Route from here to Mammoth
Brian and Martina's Route from here to Mammoth
CDT Main Route
CDT Main Route
Alternate that heads to Yellowstone Lake
Roni's Butte walkthru
Roni's Butte walk thru
Roni's Butte walk thru
Lots of switchbacks here
Roadwalk in/out of town, or cut out the U with a roadwalk via Maddison to Old Faithful
Touristy Hot Springs, has backcountry office for reservation
The Skyline trail is very steep and might take you longer than it looks. Make sure You camp just north of it as its national forest while You need a permit to camp south of it In Yellowstone. The trail Mostly follows the border). /R
Big sky is very expensive, but there is a several times a day cheap bus from here to bozeman that will bring You directly to Walmart. /R
The new official CDT goes several miles west of here and is reportedly extremely meandering.and much longer.
Somewhere around here road (heading to Butte) becomes paved and stealth camping options become more diffcult.
possible stealth camping/hammocking here. South of here its private houses untill well south of Butte. /R
Don't miss checking the Berkeley pit! For 1$ You get to see the number one superfund site in the whole U.S. Bad, bad, bad place to take a swim... /R
Sobo: You can camp here in national forest and then push to mammoth and get camping permits for Yellowstone there. Even though You can as thruhikers get permits on the phone, You might not have reception after big sky/R
There are new bike paths not marked on the map/route around here which would be much more enjoyable than the paved road. The people at the visitor center (near the northern end of the bike path) are very nice and there is free internet there. /R
Carry extra water for this section! It's dry, hot and exposed. /R
Most commercial establishments are on this road inc' super walmart Kmart and an AYCE lunch pizza buffet place. Yum... /R
Possible good camping/hammocking around here. North of here its all private land where stealth camping would be difficult./R
A probably illegal "no trespassing" sign here on the road/old railroad grade. I believe there is a legal public right of way here as the railroad grade is public. The land around it is private for the next two miles south. /R
New developed rail2trail park here with cool bridges and tunnels. In the future this trail should go further south but as to 2015 its a 2 mile road walk./R
As of July 2015 the railroad tunnel is still fenced so You need to roadwalk south for a couple of miles over the divide.
As of July 2015 the railroad tunnel section under the divide is fenced so you need to get on/off the old rail road grade somewhere about here and hike the road for a couple miles north./R
Sobo/Nobo - leave/start hiking this old railroad grade. It leads all the way to the outskirts of Butte. /R
The old railroad bridge is no longer but going down (south) and up the gulch is not too hard /R
Nice views from here/R
This short section might be private land. You could avoid it (Nobo) by road walking another mile north and then west. The old railroad grade should be public land the whole way (a yet undeveloped rails2trails who's right of way has been already acquired).
Camping/hammocking here by water. Nobo - Get water here.
Not much here.../R
Possibly shorter unpaved roadwalk through here/R
NB: No Water until Ramshorn Lake
1h Hitch to Bozeman
Petrified Logs around here
SB: No Water until shelf lake (Aprox. 13.75miles (probably a bit more) )
ENd of Onion's Route
City with PO, or HItch 6mi to Ennis. (Good restaurant here/R)
Trail just off to side before entrance to moonlight Basin Ranch
Possible Alt bushwack
(Sobo) This might not be the exact road but there are several signs along the way directing to Mill creek/R
Roni's Butte walkthru starts here (Nobo) - should be significantly shorter than the other route that uses the new meandering official trail, and saves you a (reportedly sometimes very long) hitch into Butte, which is an interesting town/R.
NB: Can roadwalk to morris via Maddison
18mile+ roadwalk to Norris
NB:18Mi road to Mammoth, SB: Can road walk to Noris
Trail here heads to road you can hitch on into town if you don't want to walk