Middle Fork (Less pressured, upposed to be good hopper fishing )
Cathedral Lake (cutthroats)
Beaver Creek (All species. small remote, but not too small)
Black Canyon of gunnison (bigger trout in bigger river in steep canyon)
Soap Creek (Everything but cutts )
North Smith Fork (supposed to be good cutt habitat)
Independence and lost man lakes (moderate hike to two lakes)
Upper Roaring Fork (open meadow stream, possible cutts here)
South Fork Frying pan
North Fork Lake Creek (open meadow fishing supposedly less-travelled trail)
Deep Creek (All species including cutts, easy access)
Creek above has cutts
rocky fork creek
Iron City Campground
various Chalk Creek campground (3 campgrounds near here)
Chalk Creek Headwaters (lakes nearby too )
Pomeroy lakes
Arkansas Granit ecanyon
Parking granite
Ptarmigan lake
silver dollar lake
Badger Creek (small stream with browns, easy access, springs )
Beaver Creek (Close to CO springs )
browns creek (cutts )
Mohawk Lake (Cutts, moderate hike )
Garfield Campground
Angel of Shavano Campground (right by a stream. great name)
Smith Fork campground
Gunnison along pine creek trail
South Platte
grottos campground
Lincoln Gulch campground
Lincoln Creekj Dispersed
American Lake