Zion Narrows (upper)
Zion Narrows (lower)
Yankee Doodle
Wildcat Canyon
Water Canyon (Zion)
Upper Left Fork
Telephone Canyon
The Subway
The Stinger
Stevenson Canyon
Spry Canyon
Spring Creek
Spearhead Canyon
Snake alley and Sidewinder
Shelf Canyon
Russell Gulch
Rock Canyon
Right Fork of Great West Canyon
Red Hollow
Red Cave - Upper (restricted)
Red Cave - Lower (restricted)
Poverty Wash
Pipe Spring Canyon
Pine Creek Canyon
Parunuweap Canyon
Orderville Canyon
Observation Point Canyon
Oak Creek - South Fork aka: Eye of the Needle (restricted)
Oak Creek - North Fork (restricted)
Not Mystery (do not enter)
Not Imlay
Mystery Canyon
Misery Canyon aka Fat Man's Misery
Mighty Mouse
Little Blue Canyon
Kolob Creek
Kolob Canyon
Keyhole Canyon
Kanarra Creek Canyon
Jolley Gulch
Johnson Arch Canyon
Isaac Canyon
Imlay Canyon
Icebox Canyon
Hook Canyon
Hidden Star Canyon
Hidden Canyon
Heaps Canyon
Grotto Canyon
Goose Creek (closed)
Employee/Lodge Canyon
Englestead Hollow
Echo Canyon
Eastern Sun
Diana's Canyon
Deep Creek
Deadeye Dick
Das Boot
Coral Hollow
Checkerboard Canyon
Boundary Canyon
Birch Hollow
Behunin Canyon
Benson Creek
Rocky Mouth Canyon Waterfall
Pearson Canyon
Maple Canyon
The Great White Icicle
Wire Pass Canyon
Willis Creek Narrows
Stone Donkey Canyon
Starlight Canyon
Round Valley Draw
Paria Canyon
Lick Wash
Deer Creek Canyon (UT)
Cottonwood Narrows
Catstair Canyon
Bull Valley Gorge
Booker Canyon
Buckskin Gulch
Zero Gravity Canyon
Wild Horse Window
Upper Greasewood Draw
Three Fingers Canyon
The Squeeze
Temple Mountain Wash
Straight Wash (upper)
Straight Wash (lower)
Southern Baptist
Segers Window Canyon aka: Little Segers Hole Canyon
Ramp Canyon
Quandry Canyon
Penitentiary Canyon
North Fork of Iron Wash
Music Canyon
Mud Canyon
Muddy Creek Gorge
Little Wild Horse Canyon
Knotted Rope Canyon
Iron Wash (upper)
Horse Heaven Canyon
Goblin's Lair
Gem Canyon (west fork)
Gem Canyon (middle fork)
Fault Canyon
Forgotten and Lower Eagle Canyon
Farnsworth Canyon
Enigma Canyon
Eardly Canyon
Ding Canyon
Dang Canyon
Crack Canyon
Crawford Draw
Corral Canyon
Cistern Canyon
The Chute of Muddy Creek
Chute Canyon (lower)
Chute Canyon (upper)
Cable Canyon
Box and Double Arch Canyons
Black Box Canyon (upper)
Black Box Canyon (lower)
Bell Canyon
Baptist Draw
White Roost Canyon - West Fork
White Roost Canyon - East Fork
Water Canyon (Roost)
Twin Corral Box Canyon
Turner Canyon
Tidwell Canyon
Three Canyon
South Fork Robbers Roost
Sphinx Canyon
Six Appeal
Sawtooth Canyon
Sam's Mesa Box Canyon
Red Spur
Pasture Canyon - West Fork
Not Mindbender
North Fork Robbers Roost
No Man's Canyon - South Fork
No Man's Canyon - North Fork
Moonshine Wash
Middle Fork Robbers Roost
Maybe Mindbender
Low Spur
Lost Spring (North)
Lost Spring (Middle)
Lost Park
Lost Angel
Little White Roost
Little Bull Canyon
Larry Canyon
Horseshoe Canyon
Ho Hum Fork
High Spur
Hell's Hole
Happy Canyon
Gruvers Slot
Five for the Drive
Fallen Angel
Etta Place Canyon
East Fork of Pasture Canyon (NEEP)
Chambers Canyon (South Fork Bull Canyon)
Burr Slot
Bull Pasture Canyon
Buck Canyon - West Fork
Buck Canyon - East Fork
Bluejohn Canyon - Squeeze Fork
Bluejohn Canyon - West Fork
Bluejohn Canyon - West Exit/Entrance
Bluejohn Canyon - Main Fork
Bluejohn Canyon - Lower
Bluejohn Canyon - Little East Fork
Bluejohn Canyon - Little Bluejohn
Bluejohn Canyon - East Fork
Bloodhound Canyon
Bingo Canyon
Big Spring West Fork
Big Spring NW Fork
Big Spring East Fork
Big Bad Ben
Benign Canyon
Angel Slot
Angel Cove - South Fork
Angel Cove - Main Fork
Alcatraz Canyon
Adobe Swale
Wildcat Tank Canyon
Upper Waterholes - West Branch, West Fork (closed)
Upper Waterholes - West Branch, Middle Fork (closed)
Upper Waterholes - West Branch, East Fork (closed)
Upper Waterholes - Middle Fork (closed)
Upper Waterholes - East Branch, South Slot (closed)
Upper Waterholes - East Branch, North Slot (closed)
Upper Waterholes Canyon (restricted)
State Line Canyon
Secret Canyon (restricted)
Lower Waterholes Canyon (restricted)
Ferry Swale
Cardiac Canyon (restricted)
Cathedral Wash
Canyon X (restricted)
Antelope Canyon - Upper (restricted)
Antelope Canyon - Lower (restricted)
Louse Canyon
Crack in the Ground
Yellow Brick Road
Woody Canyon
Woodsy Canyon
Woodruff Canyon
Wood Bee
Stair Canyon
Trail Canyon
Shenanigans Slot
Shillelagh Right Fork
Shillelagh Left Fork
Playin Around Slot
No Kidding
Morocco Canyon
Monkey Business Slot
Messin Around Slot
Merry Piglet
Maidenwater (Upper South Fork)
Maidenwater (Upper Middle Fork)
Maidenwater (Lower)
Lucky Charms
West Leprechaun
Middle Leprechaun
East Leprechaun
Jilted Lover
Horse Play Canyon
Hog 4 aka Miss Piggy
Hog 3 aka Razorback
Hog 2
Hog 1 aka Boss Hog
Foolin Around Slot
Death Canyon
Crescent Creek aka Conundrum Canyon
Butler Canyon (Main Fork)
Blushing Bride
Blarney Right Fork
Blarney Left Fork
Tent Rocks Slot Canyon
String of Pearls
Fire Canyon
Purgatory Canyon (Death Valley)
Old Bill Canyon
Mud Spring Canyon
Motorcycle Canyon
Keyhole Canyon (Nevada)
Ice Cube Canyon (The Maze)
Icebox Canyon
Hidden Falls Canyon
Devil's Drain Canyon
Winter Camp Slot
Undercover Canyon
SGR Slot
Rock of Ages
Repeat Jr
Pleiades Canyon
MMI Canyon
Medieval Chamber
Lomatium Canyon (restricted) (Please speak with the park rangers at the Arches Visitor Center before considering this hike. Continued access to this area depends on the actions of the canyoneering community. Please act responsibly.)
Krill Canyon (restricted) (Please speak with the park rangers at the Arches Visitor Center before considering this hike. Continued access to this area depends on the actions of the canyoneering community. Please act responsibly.)
Granary Canyon
Fiery Furnace
Entrajo Canyon
Elephant Butte
Dragonfly Canyon
Cameltoe Canyon
Big Horn Canyon (Arches)
Wetherill Canyon (restricted)
Warm Springs (upper)
Warm Springs (lower)
West Canyon Narrows (restricted)
Upper Slot of West Canyon (restricted)
Twilight Canyon
Starting Water Wash (closed)
Smith Fork (South Fork)
Smith Fork (North Fork)
Smith Fork (Minor Fork)
Seven Mile Canyon (Little East Fork)
Seven Mile Canyon (Big East Fork)
Seven Mile Canyon
Scar Tissue
Purgatory aka Dave's not Dead
Psycho D
Poe Canyon (aka Smiling Cricket)
Pinon Canyon (closed)
Peach Wash (closed)
Offshore Canyon
Off The Hook
Mumbai Canyon
Nasja Canyon (restricted)
Mountain Sheep Canyon (restricted)
Moepitz Canyon (restricted)
Lost Eden
Lehi Canyon (restricted)
Labyrinth Canyon (restricted)
Kaibito Creek - Upper (closed)
Hard Day Harvey
Happy Ending (restricted)
Happy Dog
Good Day Jim
Forbidding Canyon (restricted)
Face Canyon (restricted)
Endless Eden
East of Eden
Driftwood Canyon
Downward Spiral
Double Entendre
Double Duce
Dos Bolsas Cajones
Devil's Thumb
Crystal Springs Canyon
Clear Creek
Chaol Canyon (closed)
Cha Canyon (restricted)
Cathedral Canyon (restricted)
Cascade Canyon
Butterfly Canyon (closed)
Blue Pool Wash
Bald Rock Canyon (restricted)
Balanced Rock Canyon
Baboon Laughs aka O Canyon
Arch Nemesis (restricted)
Annie's (South Fork)
Annie's (North Fork)
Anasazi Canyon (restricted)
Zoraster Canyon
Willow Canyon
Whispering Falls Canyon
WestKat Canyon
Waterhole Canyon
Vishnu Creek
Stairway Canyon
South Canyon (G.C.)
Scotty's Hollow
Salt Trail Canyon
Saddle Canyon
Twin Spring Canyon
Twin Key Canyon
Trinity Creek
Tuckup - Mauv Narrows
Tatahoysa Canyon
Tatahaso Canyon
Tapeats Cave Canyon
Tanner Wash
Tanner Canyon
Stone Creek Canyon
Stina Canyon
Spring Canyon
Soap Creek Canyon
Sinyella Canyon
Silver Grotto (Shinomu Wash)
Sevenmile Draw
Separation Canyon
Salt Creek
Saddle Canyon
Royal Arch Creek - Upper Elves
Rocky Point Canyon
Rider Canyon
Ribbon Falls Canyon
Rattlesnake Canyon
Pocket Point
Plan B Canyon
Plan A Canyon
Pipe Creek - West Fork
Pipe Creek - East Fork
Phantom Creek
Parashant Canyon
Papago Creek - West Fork
Papago Creek - East Fork
Panameta Canyon
Olo Canyon
North Spring Canyon
North Canyon
Nautiloid Canyon
National - Mauv Narrows
Mauv Canyon
Matkatamiba Mauv Narrows
Lonetree Canyon
Lava Canyon
Kirk's Chasm
Kanab 2
Kanab 1
Kanab 0
Jackass Canyon
Indian Canyon
In the Butte Bob
Hot Na Na Wash
Horn Creek
Hidden Spring Canyon
Hermit Canyon
Hance Creek
Hades Knoll (aka East Arm of Tuckup)
Green Spring
Grapevine Canyon
Garden Creek
Fossil Canyon
Fishtail West
Fishtail East
Fern Glen
Elves Chasm
Dome Pocket Canyon
Deer Creek - West Redwall
Deer Creek - Tapeats Narrows (CLOSED)
Deer Creek - Middle Arm Redwall
Deer Creek - East Arm Redwall
Cremation Canyon
Crazy Jug Canyon
Cranberry Canyon
Crack Baby Canyon
Cove Canyon
Cottonwood Creek
Cork Spring Canyon
Clear Creek
Columbine Canyon
Carbon Canyon
Burnt Canyon - East Arm
Buckfarm Canyon
Boulder Canyon
Bonita Canyon
Blacktail Canyon - Tapeats Narrows
Big Spring Canyon
Big Canyon
Bedrock Canyon
Badger Canyon
Amos Spring
209 Mile Canyon
150 Mile Canyon
91 Mile Canyon
75 Mile Creek
36.7 Mile Canyon
36 Mile Canyon
35 Mile Wash
22-Mile Wash
12.2-Mile Wash
5.5-Mile Wash
5-Mile Wash
4.4-Mile Wash
3.7-Mile Wash
2.8-Mile Wash
Zebra Canyon
Wolverine Canyon
Wingate Willie
Tunnel Slot
Temple of Doom
Spencer Canyon
Sleepy Hollow
Spooky Gulch
Scorpion West
Scorpion East
Sandslide Canyon
Sad Cow Disease
Ringtail Canyon
Red Breaks
Raven Canyon
Peek-a-Boo Canyon
Neon Canyon
Headless Hen
Pothole Fork
Midget Rattler
Micro Death Hollow
Long Branch
Little Scorpion Canyons
Little Death Hollow
Little Canyon
Little Baker Slots
Lewellen Gulch
Frosted Flakes
Fence Canyon
Egypt 5 Canyon (Top)
Egypt 4 Canyon
Egypt 3 Canyon
Egypt 2 Canyon
Egypt 1.5 aka Bobo
Egypt 1 Canyon
Dry Fork Slot
Don't Do It (DDI) Canyon
Dominquez Canyon
Davis Gulch
Coyote Gulch
Choprock Canyon (South Fork)
Calf Creek Falls (upper)
Calf Creek Falls (lower)
Brimstone Gulch
Bishop Canyon
Big Tony
Big Rattlesnake Canyon
Big Horn Canyon (Escalante)
Baker West Fork
Baker East Fork
Aardvark Canyon - South Fork
Aardvark Canyon - North Fork
25 mile wash
Three Lakes Creek
Scoggin's Draw
Outlaw Canyon
Oak Canyon
Ivans Tail
Cascade Creek
Buckwater Draw
Bear Creek Canyon
Angel Creek
Wonderland Canyon
The Wives (7 of them)
Sulpher Creek
Strike 2 Canyon
Smokestack Canyon
Shinob Canyon - Timpie Fork
Shinob Canyon - Nighthawk Fork
Shinob Canyon - Na-gah Fork
Sheets Gulch
Pandora's Box
Muley Twist Canyon
Grand Wash
Five Mile Wash
Cottonwood Wash
Cassidy Arch
Burro Wash
Swett Canyon
Short Canyon
Lower White Canyon
Long Canyon
Horse Tanks Canyon
Hideout Canyon
Gravel Canyon
Fry Canyon Slot
Fortknocker canyon
Duckett Slot
Cowboy Canyon
Cheesebox Canyon
The Black Hole of White Canyon
Clearwater Canyon
Wolfskill Canyon
White Oak Canyon
Vasquez Creek
Sutton Canyon
Supercloud Canyon
Suicide Canyon
Stone Plus One
Stoddard Canyon
Soldier Creek
Spring Canyon
Sheep Canyon
Silver Canyon
Saucer Branch
Santa Anita Canyon (East Fork)
San Antonio Creek
Rubio Canyon (Upper)
Rubio Canyon (East Fork)
Rubio Canyon
Rockbound Canyon
Pomeroy Canyon
Peacock Canyon
Pasadena Glen
Muir Ravine (West)
Muir Ravine (Middle)
Monrovia Canyon
Mary Jane Canyon
Lytle Creek (South Fork)
Lytle Creek (Middle Fork)
Lucas Creek
Little Santa Anita Canyon
Katharine Canyon
Josephine Creek
Hastings Canyon
Hall Beckley Canyon
Green Mountain Canyon
Great Falls of the Fox
Ganja Gulch
Fox Canoyn (Lower)
Fusier Canyon (Lower)
Fusier Canyon (Left Fork)
Falls Creek
Falling Leaf Canyon
Eaton Canyon (Lower)
Cucamonga Canyon
Classic Canyon
CCC Canyon
Casada Canyon
Bull Canyon
Bonita Canyon
Bobcat Canyon
Bee Canyon
Bear Creek
Bailey Canyon
Alpine Canyon and Chapman Falls
Allison Mine Loop
Zig-Zag Canyon
Wretched Canyon
Willow Canyon
Whitetop Canyon
Warthog Canyon
Wall of Fear
Upper Drybone Canyon
Underworld Canyon
Undertaker Canyon
Typhon Canyon (Middle South Fork)
Typhon Canyon (South Fork)
Tunnel Bridge
The Sword
The Serpent Canyon
The Giant
The Dwarf
The Creature
The Cadaver
The Boneyard
The Beast
Tombstone Canyon
Tinman Canyon
Styx Canyon
Stonebridge Canyon
South Jackpot Canyon
Slit Canyon
Shrieking Eels
Shoestring Canyon
Sidewinder Canyon
Scotty's Canyon
Sandworm Canyon
Sand Witch
Red Wall - W Fork
Red Wall - NW Fork
Red Wall Canyon
Rainbow Canyon
Psycho Canyon
Prepare to Die Canyon
Pothole Canyon
Pluto Canyon
Pit of Despair
Pat Keyes Canyon
Paradise Lost
Palmer Canyon
Pale Horse - South Fork
Pale Horse - North Fork
One Star
One Drop Canyon
Obsidion Canyon
North Jackpot Canyon
Natural Bridge Canyon NW Fork
Natural Bridge Canyon (Upper)
Natural Bridge Canyon (Lower)
N. South Park Canyon
Mountain Goat Canyon
Mosaic Canyon - West Fork
Mosaic Canyon - SW Fork
Mosaic Canyon - SSW Fork
Mosaic Canyon - SE Fork
Mosaic Canyon - S Fork
Mosaic Canyon - Main
Moonlight Canyon
Miracle Max W Fork
Miracle Max Canyon
Middle Park Canyon
Madusa Canyon
Lucifer's Lair
Lizard King
Lord of the Flies
Lightening Sands Canyon
Lake of Fire Canyon
Keane Wonder Mine
Kakos Canyon
Juniper Canyon
Indian Canyon
Inconceivable Canyon
Hidden Bridge Canyon
Hellfire Canyon - S Fork
Hellfire Canyon - N Fork
Hellfire Canyon - Main Fork
Helios Canyon
Heart of Stone Canyon
Hand of Satan
Hammer Mjolnir
Hall Canyon
Hades Canyon
Grotto - W Fork
Grotto - SW Fork
Grotto - S Fork
Grotto - NW Fork
Grotto - Chris Brennan Route
Grim Reaper
Grand Canyon
Foundry Canyon N Fork
Foundry Canyon
Forge Canyon
First Chance Canyon
Fireswamp Canyon
Fall Canyon - Main Fork
Erebus Canyon
Dust Devil
Dry Mountain NE Fork
Dragon Canyon
Dismal Sinkhole
Diemos Canyon
Diabolic Passage
Diablo Track
Devil's Arch
Deimos Canyon
Deep Chasm
Death Angel
Deadman Down
Dead Ram
Dark Shadow
Dark Demon
Crater of Doom
Corridor Canyon - 2nd Fork
Corridor Canyon
Coffin Canyon
Cliffs of Insanity
Charon Canyon
Cerberus Canyon - South Fork
Cerberus Canyon - North Fork
Cauldron Canyon
Carcass Canyon
Buttercup Canyon
Brimstone Canyon - South Fork
Brimstone Canyon - North Fork
Bottomless Pit
Bleached Skull
Blacksmith Canyon
Black Void
Bighorn S Fork
Bighorn Main Fork
Bighorn E Fork
Big Shit Canyon
Beelzebub Canyon
Bad Canyon
Arch Canyon
Abysmal Canyon
Zigzag Canyon
Yankee Canyon
Y Bar Canyon
X-Pine Canyon
Woods Canyon
Winter Cabin Canyon
Willow Valley
Willow Canyon (Tucson)
Wilbur Canyon
Whitetail Tank Canyon
Waterslide Canyon
Wasp Canyon
Voodoo Canyon
Tramway Canyon
Tango Canyon
Sundance Canyon
Sunburst Canyon
Soldier Canyon
Skeleton Cave Canyon
Sierra Canyon
Shark Canyon
Shake Tree Canyon
Shamrock Canyon
Sandrock Canyon
Salome Jug
Salome Canyon (Upper)
Saddle Canyon
Sabino Canyon (Upper)
Royal Arch Creek
Romero Canyon
Romeo Canyon
Rock Creek Falls
Robbers Roost Canyon
Reavis Canyon
Quartz Canyon
Purge-A-Tory Canyon
Puppy Love
Punchbowl Canyon
Prometheus Canyon
Porcelain Canyon
Pine Canyon
Pickaxe Canyon
Phog Canyon
Parker Canyon
Park Canyon
Parallel Play Canyon
Palisade Canyon
Obsession Canyon
Oak Spring Canyon
Mormon Canyon - Upper
Minnow Canyon
Middle Tortilla Creek
Micro Canyon
Meadow Canyon
Little LO Spring Canyon
Lemmon Canyon
Ladder Canyon
La Milagrosa Canyon
Kelly Canyon
Junkyard Canyon
James Canyon
Insomnia Canyon
Illusions Canyon
Hose Canyon
Horsetank Wash
Hog Canyon
Grant Creek Canyon
Geronimos Ravine
Immaculate Canyon
Hells Hip Pocket
Fry Canyon
Flintstone Canyon
First Water Canyon
El Capitan Canyon
Dupont Creek
Downclimbers' Delight Canyon
Doghouse Canyon
Dionysus Canyon
Devils Chasm - Upper
Devil's Canyon (AZ)
Deep Creek
Deadman Canyon
Damocles Canyon
Dam Canyon
Crystal Canyon
Crucifix Canyon
Crack Addict Canyon
Corbett Creek
Cibecue Creek
Christopher Creek Gorge
Chalk Creek Canyon
Casner Cabin Draw
Calf Pen Canyon
Bunker Hills Spring Canyon
Buckhorn Canyon
Brushy Hollow Canyon
Boyer Canyon
Boulderfest Canyon
Blue Canyon
Black Sheep Canyon
Black Canyon
Big Kahuna Canyon
Bear Canyon
Barnhardt Canyon
Barney Spring Canyon
Backyard Canyon
Babes Hole Spring Canyon
Avocado Canyon
Ash Creek Canyon
Armor Corral Tank Canyon
Apache Trail Canyon
Alder Canyon
Agua Caliente Canyon